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Wind & Solar Energy

They’re Back!

Just when you thought you’d seen the last of Hinckley & Quirke—they’re back!  No kidding!  Same two guys.  New gig.  Different wheels.  (We hope they bring back the Hummer.  Made them real easy to spot.  They were worth keeping track of.) Charles “Chuck” Hinckley, lately of “Noble Environmental LLC” They call themselves American Wind Capital.  …

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“The Wrong Way to Get to Green” (Wall St Journal)

Robert Bryce Once you’ve carpeted the wilderness with wind-farm turbines, and crushed any guilt about the birds you’re about to kill, prepare to be underwhelmed and underpowered. —Trevor Butterworth, Wall St. Journal 4/27/10 (with appreciation) Al Gore has a dream, a dream increasingly shared, according to opinion surveys, by people all over the world. It …

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Town Councilor regrets High Sheldon Wind Farm (Sheldon, NY)

“I would compare my relationship with the wind developer to a relationship with the Devil himself.  [Sheldon] is another example of why industrial wind farms do not belong anywhere near people”—Glenn Cramer, Town Councilor (Sheldon, NY). Editor: The following letter was written 10/30/09 by Sheldon, NY, Town Councilman Glenn Cramer, responding to a letter (click …

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“Liens R Us”

—Op-Ed by Calvin Luther Martin Timothy Chase lives in Chateaugay in a house with big fat liens on it.  And I warn you right now this is going to be a sad story and if you don’t like sad stories stop reading right now.


The exploding and burning of Noble Environmental’s turbine was not its first disaster. Cheryl LeClair (Altona, NY) describes an experience equally calamitous.

National Wind Watch supports European call for wind energy moratorium

European Platform Against Windfarms (EPAW) also calls for study of wind power’s record to determine its true benefits, costs, and adverse impacts The Sandry home, Thompson, Iowa, 2008 Rowe, Mass., Jan. 15, 2009 — On the morning of October 4, 2008, before the second national protest against industrial wind energy development in Paris, several groups …

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Dirty truth about “clean” windpower? What the critics are saying

 —Eugene Goodrich (New Brunswick, Canada)   “Deer River Flow,” watercolor by Sandra Hildreth RiverCityMalone was sent this essay by a reader.  It’s a concise correction to many of the exaggerations and half truths routinely expressed by the wind developers and slavishly repeated by the newspapers in Franklin & Clinton counties.  Anyone who has attended a …

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Industrial Wind Turbines for New York?

 —Op-Ed by Jack Sullivan, MS Editor’s note:  This article is reprinted with minor revisions from The Empire Page, 12/13/08.  Our appreciation to Mr. Sullivan and TEP.  Adapted from www.plataformahorta.org, with appreciation Many NYS politicians, members of the media and environmentalists see wind power as an all-encompassing solution to global warming, energy independence, and much needed job …

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Feds release Noble production figures

—Calvin Luther Martin Visit the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) website, where you can see all the power production figures for NYS, quarter by quarter throughout the calendar year.  This includes output from coal-fired plants, nuclear, hydro, wind, and solar.  The works.  Any electricity sold to the NYS Independent System Operator (“the grid”) shows up on …

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Is Noble flipping ownership?

—Op-Ed by Calvin Luther Martin “Smells Fishy,” by Nate Owens On October 24, 2008, Noble Environmental (there being many versions or layers of Noble, it turns out) applied to the NYS Public Service Commission for permission to do the following:

Terrestrial Energy?

—William Tucker The following text and images are all taken from a weblog by William Tucker, author of Terrestrial Energy: How Nuclear Energy Will Lead the Green Revolution and End America’s Energy Odyssey.  Tucker is a seasoned journalist.  He has done us all a great service by demythologizing nuclear power.  Tucker thinks it’s time to retire …

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