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Calvin Luther Martin, PhD

Calvin Luther Martin, PhD

October 1, 2019

Do wind turbines make people sick?

Here’s the best answer:

Dr. Pierpont (my better half) published that short article 9 years ago, a year after publishing what is still the definitive study on the subject.  (Interesting little fact.  The above article was actually written for the NY Times Op-Ed page, at the encouragement of its editor.  Someone at the Times axed the article before it saw the light of print.)

As you read this, people in Burke, Chateaugay, Churubusco, Ellenburg, Moers, and Altona are being browbeaten by wind energy companies to erect yet more turbines.  At public meetings, when the issue of turbines-and-illness comes up, the wind salesmen assure the audience that it’s a non-issue.  

I would say to these people:  watch these videos.  Decide for yourself.  Next, consider the credentials of the wind turbine salesmen and stack those up against Dr. Pierpont’s (click here).

While you're at it, read this exposé of the so-called Good Neighbor Agreement used by wind companies.

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