On the issues that matter in Malone NY (USA)

How cool are you about
having your kids breathing
burning resins

fiiberglass particles

burning oil ?

Picture of Calvin Luther Martin, PhD

Calvin Luther Martin, PhD

April 18, 2023

Burning Wind Turbine
Rexville NY

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2 thoughts on “Turbine fire: Burning resins, fiberglass particles, burning oil”

  1. Homer Champagne

    Altona NY went with big wind 12+ years ago. Thank the Northern Adirondack central school administration for pushing placements way too close to our children.

    One wind turbine burnt on the Boyea farm on my back line and I’m still a suspect of sabotage. No notice received about this HAZMAT event. How it blew up is, they spin them hard at full throttle, then coast. Full-throttle-then-coast cycles, all for those federal production tax credits.

    NYSP used to protect these wind turbine facilities from activists, but lately, due to old conflicts of interest, the FBI now protects the facilities.

    So much money involved for a select few. Men have lost their morals. What’s infrasound? The schools don’t know. What does long term infrasound do to our children? The schools can’t say.

    God bless our ignorant politicians.

    Editor’s reply: You nailed it! You’re aware, are you not, that the electricity they produce is absolutely worthless? Why, you ask? The answer is: the NYS ISO (Independent System Operator aka the “grid”) can’t use it. Why? Because the grid can’t accept bursts of electricity, which is what the turbines produce. The grid requires a smooth, reliable supply of electricity (electrons). So, what do the wind companies in Altona and all these other North Country windplants do with their electricity? They piss it into the ground. Yeah, you heard me right.

    Even if the grid could use the electricity, how do you imagine the electrons from those turbines are going to be transported to Rensselaer, where the NYS ISO is located? Where are the large power lines to take the power from those turbines to downstate? Answer: They don’t exist.

    It’s a massive scam, all in the name of something called global warming. People who support wind and solar energy, both of which are useless, don’t grasp that Mother Earth has been warming and cooling, cycle after cycle — periods of intense cold alternating with periods of intense warming — for billions of years. The problem is people of goodwill and intelligence allowed themselves to be hornswoggled by a handful of dodgy “scientists” in the early 1980s who declared, “The earth is warming due to human fossil-fuel burning!” There is absolutely no evidence that this is the cause and, besides, as I say, Mother Earth does this on her own.

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