On the issues that matter in Malone NY (USA)

Village & Town Issues

The Chair

  — Calvin Luther Martin, PhD . Behold the chair!   What’s remarkable is its location.  (As realtors are fond of saying, Location, location, location!)  Several weeks ago its owner, a tenant at 21 Washington St., discarded  it as trash, dropping it off the front porch where it shamelessly sat in full view in a neighborhood …

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The Village of Malone needs to restructure taxes, not dissolve itself

—Nina Pierpont, MD, PhD Two financial issues are driving the question of village dissolution:  high taxes in the village and the fear that the village may become bankrupt within a decade.  There is a common perception that the village has mis-managed its budgets and departments by allowing contracts/salaries/benefits to become recklessly generous.  Indeed, there is …

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“Heart & Soul Community Planning”: Blueprint for Malone?

Editor’s note:  Take a look at this video.  “Heart & Soul Planning” for communities like Malone.  It’s a program run by the Orton Family Foundation, Middlebury VT. My thanks to Boyce Sherwin for bringing this to my attention. . . Unlock Your Potential: Heart & Soul Community Planning from Orton Family Foundation on Vimeo. In …

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“Place-Making”: Reviving downtown Malone!

“Virginia Developer Is on a Mission to Revive His Town” (Roanoke VA) . Editor’s note:  Could Roanoke VA become a model for Malone’s “renaissance” (rebirth)?  Read the NY Times article, below, and see what you think.   There are interesting parallels between Roanoke, which is far larger than Malone, and Malone.  John Mills (Malone’s “Painted …

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Re-Imagine Malone!

“Re-imaging Distressed Communities: A Strategy to Reverse Decline and Attract Investors” . —by Catherine Toups* and James H. Carr† (Spring 2000) Recasting the image of a community is a potentially powerful tool to promote revitalization in distressed inner cities. While neighborhood leaders and redevelopment professionals struggle with the overriding tasks of earning community trust and …

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Where’s the Code Officer? (Death by Slums, Part 2)

News Flash! Ladies & gentlemen, there’s a new mayor in town.  I mean, a new breed of mayor.  Mayor Todd LePine. Since publishing the article, below, RiverCityMalone.com has learned that Mayor LePine had himself deputized as a part-time Code Officer.  Over the past week, Officer LePine and Officer Charlie Robert have been inspecting slum housing …

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Malone Raceway?

The Race Track.  It’s called the Malone International Raceway and Entertainment Park.  (MIREP, for short.)  Owned by former state police BCI officer John “Chick” Fountain.  Located next to the Market Barn and Bokie’s Drive-In.  Technically it’s in the Town of Malone, although literally it’s on the doorstep of the Village of Malone.  The racetrack was approved …

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