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Dutch Farmers in Mass Revolt against Green Fascism

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Calvin Luther Martin, PhD

October 3, 2019

First, read the background story, below.  All this happened earlier this week in the Netherlands.  

Then watch the video, below.  (The video is a compilation of various videos, most of them taken by bystanders, it appears.)

I plan on doing an editorial on the earth’s climate sometime this fall.  The gist will be the following:

As you read, below, bear in mind that the earth is basically in the sun’s backyard.  To say that the earth’s climate, including paroxysms of warming and cooling, are influenced by the sun, is an understatement.  The image to the right gives you a sense of the size relationship.  Yes, the earth orbits the sun farther away than this image shows, but not a whole lot farther away.  

Behold photosynthesis! All the oxygen we breathe comes from this process, which only green plants and algae can perform. Carbon is fundamental to your breath, together with all cell and tissue formation. Everything “organic” is, by definition, composed chiefly of carbon. All plant and animal tissue is built on a carbon backbone.

The earth has been warming and cooling for billions of years. Some of those epochs witnessed unimaginably huge climate extremes. For instance, during the height of the Pleistocene — the last glacial epoch — there was a sheet of ice 1 to 2 miles thick right where you’re presently standing. Look up into the sky. Pick a spot up there 1-2 miles above your head: You’re looking at the top of that continental ice sheet. At other times in the earth’s tumultuous past, the poles (north and south) have been tropical.

Within these massive climate shifts there have been countless climate changes of a far less dramatic nature. In fact, the earth goes through climate shifts annually; we blandly call them “seasonal” changes.

The earth is clearly going through a warming cycle right now, although one must caution that this may be more pronounced north of the equator than south of it.

The evidence for the current warming being a result of human fossil-fuel and other carbon (e.g., wood) burning is simply not credible. It was reached by dodgy computer modeling and should never have risen above the level of a theory — one among many. Unfortunately, the idea was seized upon by scientifically ignorant power-hungry politicians (Andrew Cuomo being a perfect example), scientifically ignorant hyperventilating media, and corporate flimflammers. The latter smelled the sweet scent of tax subsidies. I realize this is a contentious issue. I will address it another time.

The notion that mankind can somehow roll back this warming phase is stupendously ludicrous. Such thinking is no more than financially lucrative scare-mongering. Billions of taxpayer dollars are being made by renewable energy hucksters and their Wall St. investors who swindled dummy politicians into believing that wind turbines and solar panels can lower the thermostat. Berkshire-Hathaway’s Warren Buffet famously admitted this several years ago. This scam defies belief.

To demonize carbon, literally the backbone of all life — and now, in the Netherlands, denouncing nitrogen? — moves us into the surreal. The topsy turvy world of Alice in Wonderland.

Denmark’s Niels Bohr Institute has been examining ice cores from the massive Greenland glacier dating back thousands of years. Like tree rings, ice cores reveal a long history of climate change, in this case over 120,000 years.

What the geo-physicists have learned is that our so-called global warming phase is trivial and completely congruent with the earth’s warming and cooling history.

The Greenland Ice Core Project

"If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense. Nothing would be what it is, because everything would be what it isn't. And contrary wise, what is, it wouldn't be. And what it wouldn't be, it would. You see?"

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  1. I have always believed that mankind has an inflated, egotistical view of our influence on climate. Are we destructive? Yes! Do we pollute and ruin aspects of our environment? Of course! But cyclical changes have been going on long before we were in the picture, and, most likely, will continue long after we are gone.

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