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Picture of Calvin Luther Martin, PhD

Calvin Luther Martin, PhD

June 17, 2024

Three heroes
(No exaggeration)
Mayor Andrea Dumas
Village of Malone
Chief William André
Malone Police Department
James Button, CEO
Citizen Advocates
Village of Malone

Yes, that’s the Liberty Bell. A replica, I believe. The drug bust conducted by the Village PD with the enthusiastic support of the mayor and CEO of Citizen Advocates is a major battle won in the war of “We, The People” against the clandestine, obscure sources south of the border and in China who are using opioids and benzodiazepines to wreak havoc throughout this blessed land.

My daughter was one of their victims. So was Jerry Jones’s daughter. Zillions of our loved ones and neighbors have been, and are, victims.

Jerry and I couldn’t protect our daughters. (Jerry and I wept together, privately, over this. No one but Jerry and I knew this, till now.)

This drug bust—yes, this one on Main St., Malone—is what American liberty is about. Kinetic warfare, with guns and bullets and bombs, is old-fashioned—yet still pursued, it pains me to say. 

The Opio-Benzo War is far more insidious and effective than Gun Powder War. The destruction from gun powder pales in comparison to the white powder of opioids and benzodiazepines. 

Are you surprised I say this?

Think about it. The reason should be obvious. It’s far cheaper and infinitely easier to destroy the child on the right than to take out the guy on the left. 

When the kid on the right starts taking drugs in her early or mid-teens, she may take an overdose—and that’s the end of her story, except that her death has destroyed her family and friends. On the other hand, if the drugs don’t kill her, what happens when she gets pregnant?

What happens when a drug-addicted male gets a girl or woman pregnant?

Answer: Society is destroyed

For generations: destroyed.

This is why this drug bust is important!

Screenshot from the Malone Police Dept. Facebook page.
A short history lesson from a retired
Rutgers University history professor

The Roman empire. You’ve heard of it. What you may not know is that it was brilliantly set up as a system of government. It was intended to last for millennia.  It was adaptable and flexible. In fact, it was so brilliant that it earned the epithet, Pax  Romana: Roman peace. 

You also know that it collapsed, lasting only several centuries.

What you may not know is that it did not collapse because of a weak or inefficient army and navy. Like America, its military apparatus was outstanding.

It collapsed—ready for this?—because it rotted from the inside. 

The worm  that destroyed Pax Romana was not  opioids & benzodiazepines. But that’s not the point. The point being, the rot had the same effect on Roman society and culture that these drugs are having on ours: it destroyed the social and cultural tissue. 

Pax Americana, which arguably began a century ago, is dying from the inside out.

Citizen Advocates went to great lengths to establish Harrison Place as a refuge and place of healing from the Opio-Benzo War. Several individuals have brought this war into this protected place, this sanctuary.

This is reprehensible in the extreme. Several individuals let themselves become agents for foreign enemies who wish to destroy America—from within. Mr. Cox and Ms. Buckshot may not think of it this way, but this is the truth of the matter.

My advice?

Every time there is a drug bust in the Village of Malone, there should be a parade of celebration, just as this nation has traditionally held parades for victorious Gun Powder wars and battles. 

At “approximately 9:30 PM on June 14, 2024, the Malone Village Police, with assistance from the Tri-County Special Response Team and NY State Police,” won a significant battle in the Opio-Benzo War being fought by We, The People. Note that the enemy in this war is not the two individuals arrested; they are merely useful tools for the foreign enemy that is flooding this blessed land with drugs. They are tools who started out as innocent children who became destroyed by the white powder of foreign enemies.

We residents of the village must figure out a way of healing all these people, like Marcel Cox and Tacala Buckshot, who become twisted and monstrous—exactly as our enemies intend. (When I refer to foreign enemies, I am talking about not just foreign nations, but foreign corporations and so-called cartels, as well.)

How do we heal the twisted and monstrous casualties of the Opio-Benzo War? I confess, I don’t really know.

What I do know is that Harrison Place is a good start.

I also know that this community should celebrate each battle won.

Let the church bells peal! Let the parade begin!

5 thoughts on “Harrison Place Drug Bust”

  1. I saw a picture of an American Indian on horseback looking at a caravan of settlers headed westbound. The caption read…oh great, another migrant caravan!

    I responded to that post… great picture, showing a part of history! I enjoyed reading the comments and people’s responses!

    As a retired U.S. Border Patrol Agent (15 years) and 30 years on the border…10 on the Tijuana border and 20 on the Northern border of New York, I’ve heard countless comments made by many nationalities! I thought that the Civil War would be mentioned…the countless numbers killed! If other people’s countries are so great, why are they still coming here? I remember the KKK trying to help us in the California area…needless to say, thank God, they didn’t succeed!

    Man’s continuous conquest for power and control and greed sickens me! Smugglers and drug cartels sicken me! Politics sicken me! We live in a very dangerous and scary world right now, and the supposedly millions and millions of smart people in this country gave us two people to choose from to lead this country! Who knows, there may be a new war between the Democrats and Republicans!

    The border crisis sickens me! The unsecured border and drugs being smuggled in sickens me! The many thousands of people being released into this country from countries that hate us sickens me!

    One would think that after 9/11, the country would make a difference! An Intel Analyst from Washington contacted me within six months regarding a case we were working on the northern border and sent me an Excel link, showing a breakdown of the immigrant and non immigrant aliens from the twelve known terrorist countries being monitored by the FBI, that have entered the United States in that six month period! If, over 78,000 people from those countries doesn’t scare you…it does me…and that was just six months after 9/11! How many cells are here waiting for further instruction to act!

    The so-called smart people in this country allowing this to happen sickens me! The above mentioned picture was posted as a joke…my comments were not! Be afraid…be very, very afraid!

    Malone today…is not the Malone that I grew up in! The drug problem today is not going away until people decide to make a change! Thank God that someone stepped forward!

  2. Congratulations! Good news is so welcome in this day and age.

    I so hope your local D.A. is not a Soros-based one.

    Editor’s response: Dr. Rutter lives in Mexico.

  3. Mark Twain took on causes with the written word. Calvin Martin takes on causes with the written word. Powerful stuff.

    Be proud, Village of Malone, you have saved some lives. Let all celebrate. “We, The People” shall overcome.

  4. Great job, Chief Andre and Mayor Dumas, for initiating the drug arrest!

    One can do all sorts of background checks, yet people will lie to get in any place.

    It’s a beautiful building. I people don’t ruin it.

    Hats off to both of you!

  5. Hooray!

    I remember about 25 years ago in a certain part of the inner city of Dublin, Ireland, that vigilante mothers congregated outside overnight, huddled around barrels of fire to keep warm, in order to keep the drug pushers out of their area so as to protect their children.

    And it worked back then.

    Where there’s a will there is a way!

    Editor’s response: Carmel McCormack is Irish and, yes, lives in Ireland.

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