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Village & Town Issues

Where’s the Code Officer? (Death by Slums, Part 2)

News Flash! Ladies & gentlemen, there’s a new mayor in town.  I mean, a new breed of mayor.  Mayor Todd LePine. Since publishing the article, below, RiverCityMalone.com has learned that Mayor LePine had himself deputized as a part-time Code Officer.  Over the past week, Officer LePine and Officer Charlie Robert have been inspecting slum housing […]

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Malone Raceway?

The Race Track.  It’s called the Malone International Raceway and Entertainment Park.  (MIREP, for short.)  Owned by former state police BCI officer John “Chick” Fountain.  Located next to the Market Barn and Bokie’s Drive-In.  Technically it’s in the Town of Malone, although literally it’s on the doorstep of the Village of Malone.  The racetrack was approved

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