On the issues that matter in Malone NY (USA)

Gov. Kathy Hochul
Assemblyman Billy Jones

and the
Migrant Crisis

Picture of Calvin Luther Martin, PhD

Calvin Luther Martin, PhD

September 30, 2023

How we're about
to get

This man wants to solve the migrant crisis

hundreds of thousands of migrants to NYC

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott

This man wants to solve the migrant crisis

hundreds of thousands of migrants to Upstate NY

NYC Mayor Eric Adams

These two will decide whether Mayor Adams

hundreds (thousands?) of migrants to Franklin County

Gov. Kathy Hochul
Assemblyman Billy Jones

Wanna place any bets
on whether Assemblyman Jones
throws us
under the

Assemblyman Billy Jones

4 thoughts on “Malone and the Migrant Crisis”

  1. I read this article with much curiosity. Do you have actual evidence of all these benefits bestowed on illegal migrants? Do these people have green cards or are they eligible for deportation at any time?

    Thousands of migrants have cut holes in the fence to gain illegal entry. They do not qualify for green cards, consequently they can’t apply for aid….

    I am far more concerned about our country turning into a dictatorship where violence and deception prevail. And our Civil Rights are diminished.

  2. Someone please tell me why our elected leaders and the Telegram have published virtually nothing on this abomination? Nothing from Dumas, Stewart, Jones, nor Kissane on this. Do they think we citizens don’t see the illegals (still referred to as illegal aliens by statute)? This is nothing more than feckless leadership. Will it take a deadly incident to get a response?

    I have spoken to several persons who are in a position to know what is transpiring, and estimates are that upwards of 250 illegals per week are being released into our community. If someone wants to dispute this, please feel free to pressure US Customs & Border Protection and get numbers for yourself. It appears that our elected leaders aren’t very concerned about this information.

    It is truly bizarre that those we elected have conspicuously avoided mention of this potentially dangerous situation. How long do the citizens of the North Country have to walk around and pretend not to see this invasion???
    Editor’s response: Your points are well taken. Since publishing this article, I have been talking by email with the county legislature and, in particular, Donna Kissane, the County Administrator, about the migrant crisis vis-a-vis Franklin County, and what Franklin County can do, legally, to prevent a “migrant dump” by NYC or Governor Hochul.

    I have also brought up, at village board meetings, the homeless problem that is devouring many cities across America, including, now, Burlington. The Village of Malone is beginning to witness this. Since June, the village has had homeless encampments in Arsenal Green, the Recreation Park, property abutting Sawyer Avenue and, I am told, in the woodlot next to the former DPW compound on the Salmon River. At the last village meeting this past Wednesday the new police chief, Bill Andre, said the PD is monitoring the situation closely. Chief Andre said he will include a report on homeless squatting in his biweekly presentation to the board.

  3. The plan is to bankrupt the United States and fold the nation into a larger global community, first economically, then wholly. In doing so our rights will be suspended and we will become, in effect, if not outright, slaves. In order for the globalists to fulfill this agenda the US must be overwhelmed at every level to ensure that the people will actually be begging for it when the time comes.

    They aren’t sending migrant families to Malone or nearly anywhere else; they are sending military-age men of varying nationalities, from Latin American, to African, to Asian, to Middle Eastern. This is “weaponized migration” meant to destabilize the country.

    Already I am hearing about migrants interviewed who are here solely for “money.” They neither love America nor do they want work. They merely want money. When asked if they would fight against American citizens if given a gun, many said that was a likely scenario.

    If Europe is any indication of what weaponized migration manifests, then our nation and shrinking sovereignty is already in full crisis. Our streets are already full of drugs and thugs. Murder, rape, theft, assaults are all going up quickly across the country. Our way of life is under assault. They kill pets for food, steal from our homes and vehicles, assault women and the elderly, and disrespect everyone and everything.

    The only difference between us and Europe right now is the sad, dwindling belief in the Right to Keep and Bear Arms enshrined in the Second Amendment, which we cannot even use to protect ourselves anymore.

  4. The blame lies clearly in the lap of the Progressive, Communist, Socialist and Marxist left leadership of NY State and DC. Period!

    They and they alone have been wearing their Woke credentials by virtue-signaling, “Come to New York, we are a sanctuary state!” Well folks, you now reap what you sow. They took an oath to defend the Constitution. I guess border security doesn’t matter anymore.

    The ass-wipe Governor of NY wants the feds to speed up a half million work visas to get these illegal aliens the right to work. What idiot, other than a Communist idiot, can’t see this will just invite and incentivize more illegal aliens to come to NY?

    I take my hat off to the governor of the great state of Texas. He and he alone brought national attention to this crisis, where, until he did this, the lap dog left media provided cover for the president and the dumbest vice president this country has ever witnessed.

    Where was the media when the small towns in the 3 or 4 southern states had and have to contend with millions of illegals? We contend with a drop in the bucket.

    Billy Jones, Chuck Schumer and Gillibrand’s silence is deafening. But I bet the Democrats still vote for them again.

    Now, because of the inept leadership of NY State, there are 100,000 illegals arriving in NYC and destroying it, per Mayor Adams. The dumb-ass commander-in-chief of NYS now sounds more like a Republican. How ironic.

    The truth is, Texas only bussed about 12,000 illegals to NYC. The rest came on their own. The leftist loonies want you to think this all came from Gov. Abbot.

    Where has everyone been in the past 3 years while Biden and Harris opened the borders wide open and allowed 8 million illegals to just walk across the border? (Plus 2.5 million who got away.)

    Many parts of downstate NY allow the illegals the right to vote 30 days after arriving. Break into the country, get free housing, phones, medical and so on, and then get the right to vote in local elections 30 days after landing. Nice job.

    This is by design, because this will be 8 million more Democrat votes in just a few years after one of those nut jobs in DC offers amnesty.

    The Dems need the votes, because the middle-class and brown and black votes are catching on to the Democrat scam and have had enough. The easiest way to stay in power (at all costs) is to give priority to illegals over Americans.

    Wake up folks. We are being invaded. Bad things happen when good men & women do nothing.

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