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The Congregational Church Needs Its Freedom Bells To Ring Again

The Congregational ChurchNeeds Its Freedom BellsTo Ring Again December 25, 2023 Meneely Carillon Baton Keyboard (for playing a carillon) To download a PDF Click here Comments are welcome! We encourage comments, no matter how brief or lengthy. Please be polite. Your email address will not be published. Your comment is seen only by you, until

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Witness to Revolution: Istanbul with Susy Cantwell

. — Susy Cantwell* . For two centuries my homeland, Hungary, was a province within the sprawling Ottoman Empire.  As a child, I thrilled to tales of skirmishes between heroic Hungarian patriots and villainous Turks. Time has a way of healing old wounds. Hungarian bitterness toward Turks would eventually be displaced by hostility toward more recent invaders.  Hence, when the opportunity arose to spend several

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Miracle on Mill Street

— Calvin Luther Martin, PhD   . How much would you be willing to pay to spend a night in this?  (Here’s a few close-ups.) . Still undecided?  This might sway you. . . Imagine waking up to the dawn chorus of larks and sparrows, and gazing out on the rolling, bucolic landscape through this splendidly arched window.  A

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Winter solstice

. — Calvin Luther Martin, PhD . Winter solstice.  Christmas eve.  And I am a hibernating bear, deep within the cave of winter dreams. All my life I have sensed a strange convergence between solstice and Christmas, like two vast planets wheeling into near collision.  Then each slowly spinning off on its separate course into

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Sisters Café: (Hopefully) Coming Soon to Downtown Malone

News Flash (November 5th) Andrea Dumas just won a seat on the Malone Village Board!  New to political office, she ran against two incumbents — and prevailed over both.  (We’re delighted to see Joe Riccio returned to office.  He’s a wise and thoughtful man, and essential on that board.  Brian Langdon did a creditable job as trustee, and deserves

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Rock Star? Malone?

A warm summer evening.  Fair Week.  The stands jam-packed.  The excitement is palpable.  A rhythm & blues legend is about to perform. The crowd explodes in applause as four young men take their position on stage.  Four singers who will be inducted, seven years later, into both the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and the Vocal Group Hall of

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Some Good Wead

—Calvin Luther Martin, PhD   Detail from dust jacket of “The Horse in Art,” John Baskett David Minnich, Director of the Wead Library, was honored this week by a gift of books from Dr. Nina Pierpont (my better half). Pierpont made the gift to celebrate Mr. Minnich’s century of service as Librarian.  (If not a

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