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Beware of Squatters !

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What would you think if you returned from a vacation and found that an illegal immigrant had moved into your home?

Don’t laugh! This is now happening in the NYC area and other parts of the country.

The story gets worse. NYS “adverse possession” laws make it very difficult for you to get rid of this squatter.

Watch these two videos. (Better have a stiff drink before you do.)

2 thoughts on “Squatters”

  1. Yet the Progressive, Socialist, Communist, Marxist so-called Democrats refuse to change the law. Whys does this even require debate?

    Why do people keep voting for these haters of liberty and country?

    Save yourself a headache. Place a NO TRESPASSING or Posted sign on your property at first chance.

    Now these free-loaders aren’t squatters, they’re trespassers.

    Mike Fournier
    Malone NY

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