Window Washer

“And the greatest of these is love” (St. Paul)

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8 thoughts on “Window Washer”

  1. Avatar

    You never know what someone else may be experiencing. A simple gesture of kindness may make all the difference.

    Very touching. Thanks for sharing!

    Editor’s note: Sergeant Wm. Andre is a member of the Village of Malone Police Department. They are, to a man and woman, a fine group of officers. Malone is blessed and honored to have them. I speak as a member of the Village of Malone Police Commission.


  2. Brian Langdon

    In the current state of the world, this brings a heart-warming feeling.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Editor’s note: Brian Langdon is a Village of Malone Trustee and the Franklin County Coroner. Like everyone else commenting hereon, he is a compassionate and tender person who goes out of his way to help others.


  3. Avatar

    It’s nice seeing things like that; it makes you feel good.

    Editor’s note: Matt Boyea is a Village of Malone Trustee and, like everyone else commenting hereon, a fine person who goes out of his way to help children and others.


  4. Avatar

    Great video! You have two choices in the world. One that brings a positive experience and one that brings a negative one!

    This video showed the positive, which automatically changed the emotion of the viewer to reflect the love!

    Love is all that really matters!

  5. Avatar

    A “window” into the soul of the washer and the children.
    Editor’s note:  Jody Johnston is a member of the Town of Malone Board. He is also a famous baseball pitcher, having pitched in the major leagues. He has shared his baseball skills with kids, just as Andrea Dumas and Andrea Stewart (see their comments, below) have shared their talents and love with children. 


  6. Avatar
    Andrea Marie Stewart

    This is a great reminder, how an act of kindness can make someone’s day! Not only that, it transforms you!

    Heartwarming video!

    Editor’s note: Andrea Stewart is the Town of Malone Supervisor.


  7. Avatar

    null this…

    Little things in life can mean so much to someone else.

    Thank you for sharing.

    Editor’s note: Andrea Dumas is the Mayor of the Village of Malone


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