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“In and Out of the Adirondack Woods”

Kate Field (July 1869)

Kate Field
Kate Field

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I had sought the Adirondacks in many a summer dream, and on a sunny day in July 1869 I found my horizon bounded by the waving summits of its mountains and my boat gliding over the yielding bosom of its lakes.

— Kate Field (Journalist)

Here's her charming diary,
"In and Out of the Adirondack Woods"

1 thought on ““In and Out of the Adirondack Woods,” Kate Field (1869)”

  1. Reading this makes me want to gather all my woodsman gear and personal effects, pile them on the sidewalk outside my urban core Philadelphia row-house home, smash my computer and cell phone, drive to lake Saranac, rent a canoe and disappear into the northland forever.

    American culture is a drone of death, a buzz, a bomber, a blitz, a bolt of lightning whose searing white light seems immortal only until it vanishes into a screaming primal darkness.

    The center did not hold (clearly) and there is no longer any periphery — only spam.
    Editor’s response: Brilliant! Heart-breaking!

    For those of you who don’t know, the line, “the center did not hold,” is from Yeats’s “The Second Coming” (click here).


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