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Is this "off-the-wall conspiracy" bullshit?


Is this truly happening and, hence, truly scary ?

Picture of Calvin Luther Martin, PhD*

Calvin Luther Martin, PhD*

July 3, 2021

I have several years of graduate training in immunology/molecular biology. In the 1980s, I was enrolled in the PhD program in immunology at the Waksman Institute of Microbiology at Rutgers University. I didn’t complete the PhD in immunology because it interfered too much with my being, simultaneously, a professor of history at Rutgers.  (My PhD is in history with a subfield in anthropology from the University of California.)

If I knew the answer to my question, above, I wouldn’t be wasting my time posting this video. Nor would I recommend your wasting your time by watching it.

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It’s a grainy video of an extemporaneous speech given by a physician named Carrie Madej, DO, at some kind of rally last month. I have no idea where it was held, though I gather its purpose was to address issues like the one Madej discusses. If I’m right, and this was the purpose of the gathering, it’s clear a whole lot of people wanted to hear about the subject.

That in itself is worth paying attention to. So are, frankly, Dr. Madej’s claims. For one, they are flying around the Internet these days in astonishing numbers and frequency. For another, her claims may be true to a degree. Whether it’s a high degree or low degree at this moment, I don’t know. People like Madej may be joining the dots incorrectly and they may be exaggerating, and yet they may be on to something.

There may not be a forest fire, just smoke. But will that smoke turn into a conflagration? This is what concerns me.

I’m a historian. One with considerable undergraduate and graduate training in molecular biology and immunology. So, when Madej talks about the “state” and corporations implanting us with nanoparticle transmitters and receptors designed to control us, I have a sense of the physiology, biochemistry, cell biology, and immunology involved. The proposal sounds preposterous—and yet, who knows whether it’s feasible?

What concerns me, both as a biologist and historian, is that these ideas are even being considered. Like the Covid virus itself: Pathogenic viruses should never have been tampered with, with so-called gain of function in mind. “Gain of function” is a sanitized way of saying, “We’re going to turn this benign virion into something cataclysmically horrific for humanity!” This kind of agenda is the definition of true insanity. And yet it happened, and people like Fauci discuss it nonchalantly before the media and Congress.

Against this backdrop, what other horrors are Big Pharma or Big Whatever dreaming up? And do they fully understand the repercussions of these agendas?

The answer to this is unequivocally, “No, they don’t!”  This includes the mRNA in the various Covid vaccines, by the way. 

Let’s get something straight. Immunology is much like quantum mechanics. (Incidentally, I just finished writing a book on quantum mechanics. It will be published sometime this fall.) The Caltech physicist Richard Feynman is said to have remarked, “I think I can safely say  that nobody understands quantum mechanics!”

Though I’m not a full-fledged immunologist, I have had enough training in it to say categorically that anyone who thinks they understand immunology, doesn’t know what they are talking about. It’s mind-boggling in its complexity. Besides, scientists are forever coming up with new information on how the immune apparatus works. To inject artificial mRNA into humans is madness and it’s criminal. Akin to injecting enriched uranium-235 into someone in the 1950s on the lunatic theory that it might knock out a nasty flu epidemic.

But I digress. I urge you to listen to Dr. Madej’s speech. As I say, I can’t vouch for its veracity. What I can say with confidence is that it’s worth your while paying attention to the issues she raises because, as a historian, I can tell you that the weirdest and most diabolical movements in human history have always started out sounding preposterous and, well, like a “tin-hat” conspiracy theory. I have published books with major university presses on this subject and such events in the past 10,000 years of human history.

Allow me to repeat myself. By blowing off off-the-wall stuff, you run the risk of dismissing something sinister and momentous which, once it’s underway, cannot be stopped without much bloodshed and horror. History is replete with illustrations.

History isn’t over. The bloodshed and horror are not over. They will return. It’s up to you to be vigilant in looking out for these monsters-in-the-making, and not let yourself become an unwitting enabler by refusing to give people like Madej your attention.

Many smart, cosmopolitan, educated Germans made the same mistake about Hitler, deeming him an upstart buffoon and National Socialism to be preposterous. Madej is no Hitler. She may, however, be prophetic, even if her claims seem implausible at the moment.

All catastrophic ideologies pass through three stages:

First, they are ridiculed by the complacent majority as a conspiracy theory.

Second, they are implemented so subtly and persuasively that most people accept them as legitimate, progressive, and even inevitable.

Third, when people finally wake up to what has happened, it’s too late to fix it. That’s when the bloodbath begins.


You’re looking at an artist’s rendering of the Auschwitz extermination camp run by Nazi Germany in occupied Poland during World War 2. Over 1 million men, women, and children were systematically murdered within these walls as part of Germany’s effort at “racial cleansing.” Auschwitz and a dozen other such “camps” were precision-operated slaughter-houses, not unlike beef slaughter-houses. Only the method of slaughter differed.

None of these people were combatants. They were all civilians. They were rounded up in train cattle cars and brought here.

The concept of racial cleansing (notice the Orwellian language) started out as a grand philosophical concept based, in part, on the writings of the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche.

Note how the Transhumanism outlined by Dr. Madej in the above video is trumpeted as a philosophical movement. (Click here and read slowly and carefully. Read between the lines.)

Transhumanism is not philosophy, and no serious philosopher supports it. It is a pretense of philosophy by the Great Re-Set crowd.

Mark my words. Transhumanism and the Great Re-Set can and will lead to a version of Hitler’s death camps. They may not be brick and mortar like the one above; they may be more internal (organ, tissue, and cell-based), by injections aimed at genetic engineering coupled with information control. And you and I will be living in hell. More accurately, hell will be played out in our programmed minds and bodies.

This must be stopped. Pay attention to people like Madej; this is what they’re struggling to figure out. Don’t fault them for not getting all the details accurate, because at this stage it’s impossible to do so.

A final point. There is no one person or even one group of people orchestrating this stuff. Just as there is no single bird orchestrating a wildly swarming flock of crows or starlings or other birds. When a critical mass of participants is reached, be they human or animal, there is a phenomenon called dispersed information. Dispersed control. The entire mass thinks as one. Nobody quite understands the phenomenon.

Thus, don’t bother trying to blame a single person or group of people or agency. It’s not Bill Gates or George Soros or Klaus Schwab or Tony Fauci or the Clintons or Donald Trump or MIT or the Republicans or Democrats or Marxists or Chinese Communist  Party or the UN or World Health Organization or World Economic Forum, or what have you. It’s all of these or some of these, plus it’s many more, including you and me.

You heard me right: it includes you and me. Why? Because we subtly and tacitly buy into and promote dispersed behavior and control by using things like TV, movies, videos, video games, the Internet, cellphones, computers, 4G microwaves, and all sorts of things. We subtly buy into it by electing the people we elect to public office. We subtly buy into it with our fervent belief that we can manipulate something cosmic which we call “global warming.” We even subtly buy into it with our politicized views of good and evil.

In sum, humanity is sliding rapidly down a slippery slope. We appear to be at one of those nodes in history when something sinister and ultimately horrific is being hatched. Dr. Madej is warning us. So are many people.

Pay attention to them. Germany—yes, the Germany that embraced Adolph Hitler and his Nazis, and welcomed their program of racial cleansing—was the most culturally, technologically, scientifically, and medically sophisticated country in the world. And yet it engaged in mass murder—all for, supposedly, a good cause.

Don’t think this cannot happen in the United States and other western countries.

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  1. Transhumanists believe that humanity is currently the highest level of intelligence on earth. They have discarded any notion of spirituality or religiosity for a solely corporeal existence. They see nothing beyond our slow random evolution from the slime. And now they believe that our evolution is acting too slowly, has ceased or has peaked. As such they think that they need to force an evolutionary leap in humanity through every conceivable way possible. And they collectively seek to achieve this evolution through chemical, mechanical, technological, genetic, surgical, and any other means available to us. And they are willing to utilize an unwitting pool of subjects to do it (humanity).

    The entire machine of transhumanism pumps chemicals into populations, introduces viruses, creates technologies, stimulates genetics, crossbreeds or gene splices with other species, surgically alters the body, and manipulates the unborn down to sperm, eggs and fetuses. They build exoskeletons to increase strength and protect the soft body. They employ any and every means to insure not only human survival, but to increase mankind’s supremacy over nature, time and space.

    And why would they want to do these things to themselves when they can just as easily test the various methods on willing and unwilling individuals? They can pioneer and beta-test all of the various methods on everyone else to weed out the bad ideas so that only the successes get passed on to the elite. Throughout history and even into contemporary times, surgical procedures have been performed on the unwilling or on desperate people. From Josef Mengele to the latest stories about head transplants, there’s often little regard given to life in the hard, cold science of progress. And what does it matter if the ignorant masses suffer? They are not of the enlightened and offer nothing to humanity, so why shouldn’t their sacrifice benefit all the worthy.

    And our own nation is not above these sickening means, from fluoride in the water supply, to the Tuskegee experiments, the CIA dosing of citizens in MK-Ultra, perhaps even to the Covid-19 vaccination currently happening. We know so little about the long-term affects on the human body, yet the machine keeps churning out new ideas to “help” us extend and prolong. Unnatural, chemically-laden food type products alone account for significant changes in the past 100 years alone, and most of the changes are not beneficial in any way. Coupled with the pharmaceutical culture, most modern humans are a chemical cocktail unheard of in the entirety of human history. Additional molecules introduced after the first nuclear detonations mean that even the air we breath has been irrevocably altered and is modifying us.

    Transhumanism is hubris born out of fear. Once humanity discarded the eternal they had to find a way to recreate it in order to save themselves from eternal suffering. In fact transhumanism may be (as was mentioned) entirely diabolical. For if, as Nietzsche said–“God is dead. God remains dead. And we have killed him”–then what is left in the hole where he once stood? The opposite of all good is pure evil, and if there is no notion of morality left with God’s passing, then so, too, evil ceases to exist as anything other than a vague concept. “One of the artifices of Satan is to induce men to believe that he does not exist. Another, perhaps equally fatal, is to make them fancy that he is obliged to stand quietly by and not to meddle with them if they get into true silence” (John Wilkinson, 1836).

  2. .
    Sherri, in comments below, says beautifully what many thinking and open-minded people would like to say.

    My personal comment is that I would like the use of “God” to become “God/Nature,” to bring issues down to earth in a truer blend of sky gods and earth gods.

    Again, Calvin, you have the insight of recognition, questioning and shared writing which helps all of us to step up and show up.

    May it be so.

  3. .
    What is happening was prophesied in the Bible. It is a spiritual war for the mind, for the heart.

    I know in our “intellectual” world people tend to scoff at the thought of God, but, really, nothing else truly makes sense.

  4. .
    This is the most cogent, important Synthesis of current events, and past horrors, I have read. Ever.

    Dr Calvin Martin uses his complex analysis to make it crystal clear. This is human history, and that delicate dance between good and EVIL. It is in our individual hands.

    CHOICE is the one thing left.

    People, CHOOSE. Inform yourselves. Make history tilt and elevate. These are the most dangerous times ever.

    There are medical and scientific horrors going on far beyond the “experiments” of WW2. This is Joseph Conrad’s “horror ” but times millions. This is beyond racial cleansing. It is global genocide. GLOBAL.

    Thank you so fervently, Dr Calvin Martin. You have your important name for an historic reason.


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