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November 27, 2020

The Great


And the Will to Power

Globalism:  What does this movement encompass?  (It’s a cool-sounding word, “globalism.”  Makes me think of one big happy world where we all get along and help each another.) 

Who is behind it?  Who’s promoting it?  Is it just about “off-shoring” American manufactures and jobs overseas (mostly or eventually to China)? 

What does globalism have to do with the World Economic Forum (WEF) annually in Davos, Switzerland, Bill Gates, a German named Klaus Schwab, and the Clintons?  Any connection to the United Nations’ Agenda 2030? 

Are Climate Change and renewable energy (wind, solar) part of globalism?  The demonization of carbon? What about the global government response to Covid? 

Are all these part of a larger scheme of policy making and control? 

Hmm, global control.  Global policy-making.  Scary words. This is starting to sound like paranoia, isn’t it?  Amped-up conspiracy theorizing? 

In point of fact, all the above are part of a ball of wax now going by the name, the Great Re-Set.  Click here and here for an explanation from its chief agency, the World Economic Forum, and here from Wikipedia.  (Wikipedia is hardly an impartial source, but we will ignore this for the moment.)

Now read the analysis attached, below. Before you do, let me clarify a few things. I’m a historian.  It’s my professional duty to examine great movements and trends in history.  This Great Re-Set phenomenon is one of them.  It’s been going on since Malone was plundered of its manufactures (Tru-Stitch, Ballard Mill woolens, Gilden shirts, etc.) beginning in the 1970s, and has continued locally with the arrival of wind turbines and, now, industrial solar.

There are those who argue the Great Re-Set includes the proposition by certain Democrats to de-fund police departments and switch public school education to online, computer-based teaching.  Add to this the collapse of medicine by replacing medical doctors (MDs) with physician assistants (PAs).

Let me put it bluntly.  Malone NY, once the Star of the North, is a classic case study in the hollowing out mechanism of the Great Re-Set.  (Add Massena, Ogdensburg, Gouverneur, Auburn, Rome, etc. The list is huge.  Covering the NE, Midwest, SE and South, Plains states, Pacific NW. Truthfully, every part of the country except for the megalopolises. I am personally familiar with hundreds of dead towns and cities from coast to coast.)  Back when Tru-Stitch began its exit, the process wasn’t called this.  Only in hindsight can we join the dots.

Get on the internet and type in “the great re-set.”  You will be hard-pressed to find anything other than support—loud hosannas from renewable energy companies, corporations in general, Wall St, Google, Silicon Valley, Bill Gates and his admirers, and of course the mainline newspapers and online news outlets.

Interestingly, the article below was written by a young woman in NYC and published on her blog, not in The Atlantic or NY Times.  She’s not a professional writer or political commentator.  She’s a professional musician (concert pianist), born and raised in Russia, which gives her an interesting perspective on America and grand, social-engineering schemes going by names like Great Re-Set.  (Stalin had one of these.  The Nazis tried their hand at it, as well.  Mao Tse Tung, as well.)

Ultimately, the inspiration for re-engineering society and culture by a master class of corporations and individuals comes from the German philosopher, Friedrich Nietzsche. I have quoted several passages from what is perhaps his best-known book, Beyond Good and Evil.  (Click here for a PDF.)  It’s worth reading.

Read Tessa Lena’s essay, below, and reach your own conclusions.  Then pursue your own research.  I offer her piece merely to get you thinking about it. 

I’m not part of the self-styled master class of corporations and individuals.  If I thought I was, I wouldn’t be living on Clay St in the Village of Malone NY.  In fact, I’m on the other side of the spectrum.  I think places like Malone and its residents matter in the great scheme of things.  Nietzsche would have laughed at me.  (Yeah, he’s the guy famous for announcing, “God is dead!”  I remember seeing a rebuttal scrawled on a bathroom wall:  “Nietzsche is dead—God.” He thought compassion and grace, as taught by Jesus of Nazareth, were a sign of weakness and pandering to the superstitions and other tasteless impulses of the unwashed masses, as it were.  I don’t call myself a Christian, but I’m certain Nietzsche was wrong about Jesus and his Gospel.  In fact, I have staked my life and financial resources on this conviction.)

Nietzsche on the "Super Man"

“He sees at a glance all that could still BE MADE OUT OF MAN through a favourable accumulation and augmentation of human powers and arrangements; he knows with all the knowledge of his conviction how unexhausted man still is for the greatest possibilities.”

To download a PDF

There are two different worldviews in play, here:

Grace versus the Will to Power

The Choice Is Yours

1 thought on “The Great Re-Set”

  1. As opposed to the “Great Reset” would it be better perhaps to advocate for a “Great Restoration”? The idea of sweeping away the old in favor of what is seen by many as just the continued rebranding of Marxism becomes a frightening proposition that only ignorance fails to acknowledge. Marxism/socialism/communism enacted in today’s digital world would be nearly impossible to escape. How can we be certain that the next thing will be better given that it appears to advocate for the surrender of all our basic rights? The more controls that are enacted for “the common good” the less good seems to exist. We can see this clearly as the federal government continues to invade individual liberty and erect more restraint while all the while unrest continues to grow on both ends of the political spectrum.

    Coupled with the massive wealth redistribution of the last two decades which has thrown generations to come into massive debt, is there any doubt that the objective of the globalists “reset” is to destroy the existing system to such a substantial degree as to force the populous into begging for change? Change that to any intelligent-minded individual can only be seen as a unified control system that punishes the traditional individual’s pursuit of happiness and instead promotes the false individualism of cultural/race/gender diversity but offers no substantive progress.

    What if we wanted to maintain our individual rights, our ideals and our way of life? Could we find a way to curb the globalist agenda? Advocating for a restoration of values necessary to righting the ship should be the goal, as opposed to ripping the heart from the body of the “great experiment”. We should be asking why there’s such a rush to throw away such a precious gift in favor of a “new” system. The reasons we’ve been given are so clearly nonsensical that it begs further investigation. Security, equity, social justice, “inclusivity” and the host of other current buzzwords ring hollow when they’re being championed by the same people who advocate for taking away free speech, the right to bear arms, by those who clamber against organized religion, and advocate for the destruction of western civilization and “white people”. Whereas we should be advocating for collective success there is only finger-pointing and name-calling.

    And while traditional western values have sins to answer for, without them we would never have gotten to a place where our collective allows all to attempt to prosper and succeed. Throwing the baby out with the bathwater seems a bit drastic. The new ideas of universal basic income, compelled speech, wealth redistribution, vaccination travel papers, etc. all making inroads into the collective consciousness of the nation are merely old failed ideas that were implemented in the 20th century. Ideas that oversaw the deaths of countless millions in Germany, Russia, China and other communist regimes. Even in moderate socialist states the failures created by governments placing a security umbrella over all are evident. Venezuela tried to use its wealth to give everything to everyone. Its rise and subsequent fall were monumental. And here in the United States is there any doubt that the incorporated media/political juggernaut is attempting to circumvent rights and freedoms by offering the same teat of a sweet, but ultimately unfulfilling, alternative to the “pursuit of happiness”?
    There should be no doubt that trying to bypass the “pursuit” is in fact the most damaging blow that can be leveled against our freedom. Without the struggle there is no satisfaction, only the greed for more. And every time this government has given, the people have asked like the orphan Oliver for more. Only now instead of a quiet wavering voice begging in fear, they have become a loud and petulant child demanding satisfaction.

    Right now small and large businesses alike are desperate for labor, and even more desperate for GOOD labor. Yet we see that where the handouts begin there lack of incentive to work follows. If we move to reset the system, what incentives will be in place to maintain a workforce capable of performing even the basic tasks? Previously we saw the demand for a substantial hike in minimum wage. That hike belies the amount of intelligence and effort needed to perform those most basic of tasks. But government fell prey to the pressure of listening to “the squeaky wheel” while ignoring the blown engine. And the wage increases have already had a detrimental effect on small business; where applied, we see no increase in the quality of work performed, we see no pride in a job well done, and we see that the increase has not improved morale or productivity. Additionally, the increases have shuttered many small businesses entirely, thus consolidating corporate power. The few increase their power at the cost of the many. True diversity is destroyed.

    Ultimately, the reset doesn’t work because you can’t overcome thousands of years of evolution. Humans require struggle, they require “the pursuit”. We weren’t insured happiness because the base state of humanity is suffering. Do nothing and you suffer the consequences. Struggle, strive, persevere and you can maintain a tenuous level of happiness, with a little luck, perhaps you can propel yourself to a place where the struggle is mitigated to such a degree as to be non-existent. The pursuit doesn’t end there however.

    How can these advocates for a “reset” not realize that humans need struggle? The short answer is that they don’t care. They want to propel humanity to new levels and there’s no need for average humans in their equations. Placate, reduce and ultimately eradicate the huddled masses. Feed them chemically-laden food-like products, pump them with medicines that do not cure, let them be satiated with cheap entertainment and unfulfilling existences. Meanwhile the “worthy” can press forward.

    It’s a fail/fail proposition. The base population will become cattle, while the elite will become undisciplined. The entire system will only collapse into chaos.

    We need a restoration of values, rights and responsibilities. We need to turn away from security and embrace the struggle. We need accountability, but we also need to not take offense at every slight against us. We need to reinstate the family and the community as the primary educators of the young, we need to rely less on indoctrination and more on educating individualism. We need to reduce our dependence on handouts by enabling people to think for themselves. We need to instill pride in accomplishment and throw away the participation awards. We need to reduce our investment in what’s on our screens and invigorate our own imaginations. We need to create satisfaction in the here and now and not peddle the false gods of fame and fortune. The soulless and disposable lives of Hollywood should offer us nothing beyond a fleeting moment of entertainment, they should not dictate our politics and culture. We must replace the spectacle with substance. We must discard the subjective, the editorial and the speculative for the objective, from which we can derive our own thoughts. And only WE THE PEOPLE are capable of moving the needle back to sanity. We’ve been hemmed in to the point we’re almost suffocated, but we are still breathing.

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