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Why in God's name did you get the Covid vaccine?

William Blake, "Ancient of Days" (Jehovah)
Calvin Luther Martin, PhD

Calvin Luther Martin, PhD

October 20, 2021

On a scale of 1-10, how well do you understand the images, below?

Run your cursor over them to zoom in and take a really close look.

(Take your time. I'm a patient man.)

If your answer is anywhere from 0 to 8 (out of 10),

then I have another question for you:

Why in God's name did you get the Covid vaccine?

May I speak freely? See the mice in the first image? (Yeah, the image on the left.) That’s you! It’s not a mouse anymore — a cute little mouse in a laboratory somewhere. It’s you. It’s your wife. It’s your kid. It’s your dad — yeah, your dad in the nursing home in Des Moines.

So, you’re the mouse. Forgive me for asking, but do you really think the mouse wanted to be the guinea pig in these experiments? You do understand, don’t you, that these are experiments? Emphasis on the word “experiment”! Did you somehow think that going from the mouse “guinea pig” to you — that somehow the “guinea pig” role no longer applied?

Forgive me for needling you. I’m not trying to be a pain in the ass or a smart Alec. I actually care about you. Yes, if you’re reading this, I care about you. If you’re not familiar with my credentials for asking these inconvenient questions, go to the bottom of this article: they are all listed there. What if I told you that I’ve read scores of articles, science and clinical articles, like the ones copied in the images above. I’ve read and understood them. Have you?

I think I know the answer. “No, I haven’t read them.” Okay, fair enough. This means you trusted the pharmacist who gave you the Covid vaccine shot to have read and understood them, correct? Or the National Guardsman or the nurse who gave you the shot, to have read and understood them. Correct? (Take a real close look at the photograph to the right. Have you ever heard of the Tuskegee Experiment? No?! You’d better read about it. Click here. Someday, my friend, you are going to appear in a Wikipedia article on the infamous Covid Experiment. Of course, chances are you won’t be around to read that article, but you will be among the hundreds of millions of people referred to. Remember, I’m a historian.)

Have you noticed that your medical doctor did not give you the shot? Seriously, have you? Doesn’t this strike you as odd? And yet your primary care physician strongly recommended that you get the vaccine. (Read the article by Meryl Nass, MD, a physician in Maine who is in solo practice and who is paying attention. Solo practice means that Dr. Nass, an MIT graduate by the way, does not need to say and do what the administrators of a hospital or clinic tell her to do. In short, she can practice honest-to-god medicine, unencumbered by a party line and administrative mandates.)

By the way, that primary care physician of yours is likely to be a Physician Assistant or a Nurse Practitioner, that is, people who are not medical doctors. Be that as it may, has your so-called Primary read and understood these science and clinical articles? Are you sure?

Back to guinea pigs. Did you get the jab because this guy, Tony Fauci, told you that you should? Or because he told the government to tell you that you should? Or was it the “trust science” slogan? Or  the hypodermic needle beneath the “trust science” platitude? Or was it because this whole thing was called a “vaccine,” and everybody knows to trust anything bearing the name “vaccine” — don’t they?

Let’s pause for a moment. In fact, let’s go outside and have a smoke. (Mind if I bum one from you?)

What? You don’t smoke? Truth be told, neither do I. I figured you did; I mean I figured you didn’t care so much about your body, because you got the vaccine which you don’t understand in the least.

On second thought, maybe you should start smoking, to calm your nerves. Because what I’m going to tell you may make you kind of upset.

See that cute little vial labeled “Covid-19 Vaccine.” And that appealing bluish fluid in it, with some drawn up into the chamber? What’s in that blue fluid is a molecular-level (called “nano-size”) set of instructions for your body’s cells. Muscle cells. Nerve cells. Brain tissue. Gut epithelium. Kidneys. Ovaries. You get the picture. 

All the images at the top of the page, the pictures you acknowledged you didn’t really understand, are illustrations of this molecular-level process, except they’re just images, whereas what’s in that syringe is the real deal.  Rephrasing this, the contents of that syringe, which you allowed to be injected into your deltoid muscle, are carrying out the functions illustrated in the images shown above.

The problem is that everything in that syringe is an experiment, whether it uses an adenovirus or synthetic (zombie) mRNA. In other words, you are a human experiment. Much like the Tuskegee Experiment referred to above, the people doing the experimenting are not paying attention to what they call, in a rather understated way, “adverse” outcomes. The weird part is that the mainstream media is likewise refusing to acknowledge these, frankly, horrific outcomes. This includes death. According to real, honest-to-god scientists and clinicians, there have been several hundred thousand deaths in the United States alone, since the so-called vaccine rollout began. (The child to the right is Maddie de Garay, age 12 at the time of her vaccine. She’s now confined to a wheelchair and she requires a feeding tube. She was one of those “adverse” outcomes. There have been many many millions around the world. Here is one of innumerable websites that has the guts and integrity to report on these.)

Think of the contents of that needle as a flatbed truck carrying a computer designed to reprogram your cellular protein and enzyme production. Notice, in particular, that your God-given DNA has been removed from the process of creating the immune response; instead, it’s being programmed by a strand of RNA made in a laboratory. I refer to it as zombie mRNA making zombie protein structures.

Immunology PhD student, Waksman Institute of Microbiology, Rutgers University
Nurses and medical doctors giving shots in the infamous Tuskegee Experiment.
Maddie de Garay

What could possibly go wrong? Just about everything could go wrong and is going wrong! (Are you old enough to remember the Three Stooges?) 

Why, you ask, is this vaccine so different from other vaccines, such as the yearly flu vaccine you routinely get?  Never before has a “vaccine” programmed your cells to make a foreign protein.

The Three Stooges

In most of the usual vaccines, a foreign protein itself is injected, like a modified form of the diphtheria toxin or a manufactured hepatitis B protein. The injected proteins are (1) devoured by macrophages, (2) drained out of the deltoid muscle into lymph vessels, (3) taken to the lymph nodes, and finally (4) presented to the B and T lymphocytes, there to provoke selection for close-matching antibodies and lymphocytes.

(There are also live viral vaccines using so-called weakened—be skeptical of this word, “weakened”—viruses that follow different paths in the body.)

With the Covid vaccine, for the first time in the history of medicine, Drs. Larry, Mo, and Curly Joe (Three Stooges) are programming your cells to make, as I say, a foreign protein.  In fact, they are programming your cells to make the spike protein from the Covid-19 virus—the protein that causes the most lethal, prolonged, downstream effects: the blood clots, inflammation of the heart muscle, generalized “cytokine storm” (like sepsis), and the generalized inflammatory syndrome in infected children.  Good Lord! Please understand: it’s this part of the virus, the spike protein, that causes these effects.  The friggin vaccine makes your cells and organs manufacture this disastrous protein (click here)!

Which of your cells make this protein?  Answer: This is uncontrolled, unpredictable, and unknown.  (See the Three Stooges, above.)  There never were any animal experiments that studied where the vaccine particles went with their spike protein-forming payload, only studies of where similar particles with a harmless, glow-in-the-dark protein ended up: in the hearts, livers, and ovaries of sacrificed experimental rats. (I repeat, see the Three Stooges, above.)

The Covid vaccines were released without knowledge of which cells and organs would take up the foreign mRNA and start churning out spike protein.  Some cells secrete the spike, as it is found in the bloodstream for a day or two after vaccination.  Some may only partly secrete the  spike, leaving it sticking out of the cell membrane.  A foreign protein sticking out of a cell is a prime target for attack by white blood cells and a cell-destroying part of the immune system called the complement cascade, especially if you already have antibodies around (from your last shot or the Covid disease you had earlier) that stick to the foreign protein sticking out of the cell.  These antibodies flag the cell for destruction. (The Three Stooges strike again!)

Alternatively, the free-floating spike protein in the blood ends up sticking to ACE2 receptors, just like the original virus or spike protein-bearing, membrane-bound incomplete viral particles released in severe, original infections.  These receptors abound in heart muscle, blood vessels, and other tissues. Hence we get myocarditis (destructive inflammation of the heart muscle), death by cardiac arrhythmias (destructive inflammation of cardiac impulse-conducting cells), or widespread clotting (destructive inflammation of the linings of the blood vessels).  These are the most common findings in severe adverse vaccine effects.

Dominique, a professional model, is a victim of this bullshit! Forgive my vulgarity, but, honestly, there’s really no other appropriate name for this outrage. It is so f••king stupid and clumsy, you wanna smash your fist into a wall! You couldn’t make up anything dumber than this! And for governments and employers to mandate this: Oh my God!

You can read about Dominique here

If you’re wondering if she will ever walk again (last I heard, she was not), ask the jackasses who made this shit. Or ask your so-called Primary who, if he or she hasn’t explained to you everything I wrote in the section above, is a damn fool and should be run out of town. Worse than a fool, any so-called health care provider recommending this is by definition a criminal.

Of course, you would be wasting your time if you asked the bozos who made these vaccines. Just as you would be wasting your time by asking Rochelle Walensky (CDC director) and Tony Fauci. They don’t have a clue and, what’s worse, they don’t care.

Instead, ask this physician. Michael Palmer, MD. You can read about his credentials here. Dr. Palmer is both a physician, who happens to have trained at one of Germany’s oldest and most distinguished medical schools, and he’s a certified medical microbiologist. Interestingly, he is a professor of biochemistry at the University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.

If you quizzed Dr. Palmer on all those pictures I showed at the top of this article, he would get a 10 out of 10. You see, he’s an expert in this stuff. And because he’s an expert, he wrote this letter to his department chairman, to the dean of the faculty of science, and to the president and chancellor of the university. He titled his letter, “The University’s illegal Covid vaccine mandates.” I urge you to read it.

I return to the question posed above:

Why in God's name did you get the Covid vaccine?

13 thoughts on “Why in God’s name did you get the Covid vaccine?”

  1. I am so sorry I got the damn shots. I was pressured into it. I have told my grandson not to get it.

    Thank you for the article.

    Editor’s response: I weep for you, my friend. I hope to publish an article in the near future on what people like you can do to counteract the pathological effects of the jab you got. Stay tuned.

  2. Jim Wiegand - Wildlife Biologist

    Another great article! Keep up the good work.

    As anyone can see from the filtered Covid mortality data, this vaccine and boosters have solved nothing. Droves of people are still dying.

    I know of a California senior home care facility that had 5 elderly patients. They weren’t sick, just old. But just like with Hank Aaron, after having the Covid vaccine injected into them, 3 of them were dead within two weeks.

    Editor’s response: I’m 73. I could have been one of the 3. More importantly, these people are my kinsmen, as is everyone who has the heart and courage to post comments to these articles. I salute all of you.

    Some of you will find this hard to believe. So far, the articles I’ve posted have attracted one (1) troll. Just one! A woman calling herself Penelope W. I suspect she’s a fake. She’s relentless As I say, no one else has been this inappropriate, callous, and degenerate–not even close. I see this as a ray of hope: one depraved soul and scores of real people–real people who know we must all stick together. Well done!

  3. “Why in God’s name did you get the Covid vaccine?”

    Simple answer: You were programmed to do so by an incredible array of forces set against you, your race, and your nation.

    Editor’s response: So true. Maybe because my wife and I (Nina Pierpont, MD, PhD ) and I have never owned a TV, maybe because we don’t use Facebook,etc., and maybe because we have no kids and grandkids–maybe neither of us grasps the massive power of public pressure being exerted. Being a country boy plus a minister’s kid, I am naturally given to two things: (1) swearing (this is one of the common traits of preacher’s and missionary’s kids) and (2) barnyard vulgarity. The result is, I am likely to tell anyone and any social group to “f••k” themselves. Besides, I’ve always been a loner and resisted the norm. (You now, Robert Frost’s “Two roads diverged in a wood, and I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.”

    1. Thank you so much for the informative articles on your site.
      I have laughed along with your ‘’wit’’…love it! And please continue on with your”barnyard vulgarity! It is not lost here!
      I am not sure where I am going in responding here,but I feel as though I have walked into someone’s home and i heard a conversation that compelled me to come sit and listen!
      So much has resonated with me as i read through these articles and replies.
      Forgive me if I am not ‘’going anywhere’’ here but the shock of the past 2 years has had an impact that I am just starting to realise is a fact.
      In mid 2020 I began following talks on early treatments and as the year progressed I noticed the media everywhere were ramping up ’fear’’ messages night and day!
      I wondered why we were’nt hearing anyone speak about early interventions!
      Anything ,to alleviate peoples fears ,and with some knowledge of simple treatments, to help empower people to look after themselves.
      Nothing made sense to me. I began following the Dr’s in the US who were frontline Drs
      Creating COVID protocols !
      When Dr Kory spoke at a senate hearing in Dec 2020 about their protocols he was summarily dismissed and we all know about the shocking journalism around Ivermectin!
      Watching Dr ‘s with such credibility ,education,real life experience,and dare I mention …..a caring compassionate nature whose first motto would be….Do No Harm, be decimated by our biased,’bought out’media was beyond my wildest imaginings!
      I cried for these Dr many times … it was a cry of anguish for so many…
      Dr Yeardon also comes to mind as I remember his impassioned plea to the world and then the despicable media storm that followed!
      It just goes on and on…as I write this and ponder over the past 2 years I feel physically sick!
      Why in gods name do good people suffer so much in this world….
      I feel we have come to a time where personal responsibility for our own health is a must.
      We have no choice,but to inform ourselves,and decide to be conscious participators in our own wellbeing…
      Prevention is so much better than looking for a “cure”
      I believe in our body’s innate capacity to heal! We live in a divine miracle…doing everything to keep us alive everyday throughout our lives,despite our ignorance of its abilities.

      One thought about vaccines!

      I look at our immune system and I notice it’s responses and it seems that all vaccines do in the end, is to try and mimick what is already going on inside our bodies.
      Does that make sense to anyone!
      I am now 71 with 2 children in their 40’s…I chose not to have my boys injected with anything.
      As a young mother ….way way back, I spent a lot of time researching what I could ,but came to the conclusion I just could not go ahead with any childhood schedules.
      I feel fortunate that my family days of responsibility are over, as I would not want to be a young parent now!
      Nor would I want to be in the work force facing mandates and coercion…..my heart goes out to all the young ones that find themselves in this unimaginable onslaught…..
      Thank you so much for this site…I hope I will be allowed back to respond again…it is with relief that I poured forth some of my pent up thoughts !

  4. I am at a loss; the pain is so complete. I find that I burst out crying as if I had lost my beloved family.

    I find it hard to comprehend the amount of deceit that people have experienced due to the horrific media and all the stooges they employ. Maybe one night they should all get together and speak the truth on the nightly news so people can understand that if they received the shot, they should be seeking help and they should be keeping their children at home until the governors and the school districts will not be able to touch and injure these beautiful children before it is too late.

    I pray that we all wake up before it is too late, and that we are able to protect the entire world.

  5. From “For the Children,” by Gary Snyder

    I live in New Zealand (NZ). How I long and pray for someone, anyone, in this country to stand up against this mandate madness, as is happening in the USA.

    Yet, here, everyone is singing the modern equivalent of “Kum-by-ya” as they hold hands and dance their merry way to the ‘vaccine’ stations set up all over the country. People are offered free fish ‘n’ chips if they get the jab (a cultural icon of a meal that you’d have to be a kiwi or a Brit to fully appreciate, I suspect, and if I were gullible enough to trust the jab, that offer would be very, very tempting). We haven’t learned a thing from poor ol’ Esau (see the Jacob and Esau story in the Bible — editor). We’re still just as willing to sell our heritage for a meal.

    The authorities here are openly urging, cajoling, and now coercing citizens to get jabbed. The narrative on tv is increasingly hostile towards vaccine hesitant traitors. We should be doing it for our loved ones, they cry. (What part of the jab not stopping infection nor transmission makes it a favour to anyone else? And if it kills or maims us, how is becoming a cripple or a death statistic helping them either?)

    Shortly our historic freedoms will be the preserve solely of the jabbed. Right before Christmas. And summer (yes, down-under, we have cool Christmases involving the beach and swimming and strawberries and refreshing cold drinks). They’re planning to lock the sensible, medically cautious, critical thinkers out of their own parties.

    The swines.

    And the eloquent and exquisitely funny editorial, above, is right on every count. The divide is not just in science (where dissent and debate have now been criminalised). It’s not just between the people and the state, where medicine and medical choices have now been politicised and confiscated from all those pesky citizens who remain rather partial to the concept of bodily self-determination, as guaranteed in the NZ Bill of Rights, and don’t fancy dropping their exciting lives, careers and relationships to take up professional guinea-pigging.

    Most abhorrently, the divide is also playing out between husband and wife, between parents and children, friends, work colleagues. It’s the medical version of the national divide that occurred in the 1980s with the contentious Spring Bok Tour of NZ. The nation was virtually split down the middle. Family members denouncing each other. Total political and social chaos.

    Of course, back then, the ‘adverse events’ were flour bombs on football fields, naked streakers, the odd bloodied police truncheon from a bit of noggin bashing and, not surprisingly, more arguments than usual at your average family gathering.

    In this Covid nightmare the stakes are up. It’s blindness, deafness, paralysis, cancer, heart attacks, strokes and death. Would you stake all you own on a card game if you knew the deck was as rigged as this? It’s not a vaccination campaign. It’s frickin’ Russian Roulette!

    And the worst part of all is having to watch your fellow kiwis (affectionate term for fellow countrymen in New Zealand — editor) and your very democracy be led to their death by what I’m calling the PPP (‘pharmaceutical pied piper’) knowing that, no matter how quickly you could cobble together a cape, you’re unlikely to be able to save them.

    It would be less stressful if I wasn’t the caring type, perhaps. If I could simply write off all the indoctrinated, effectively hypnotised people in my life as having ‘got what they asked for.’

    I know they didn’t really, consciously, ask for it. In their brainwashed state they are like little children blindly trusting the man with candy as they step into the pharmaceutical equivalent of his paedo van, believing what awaits them is fun, freedom, and fish ‘n’ chips.

    The evil of this sort of mind manipulation by greed-motivated people has always been with us, of course. It’s a story as old as time. The powerful exploiting the powerless. We all have the cliches to prove it. ‘Iron fist in a velvet glove.’ ‘Like a lamb to slaughter.’ To name but two.

    But it’s unexpectedly surreal when you’re no longer reading about totalitarianism from a dusty tome, but you’re living it in graphic 3D. Hearing the propaganda on tv day and night. The increasing villification of the unvaxxed. The ‘unclean.’ And seeing people soak that crap up without a sound.

    For years, my mum used to say, “When rights are given up or eroded, it will take a revolution to get them back.”

    The one cool thing about all this is that my dear mum gets proven right. Unfortunately, it’s probably one good reason why they designed this virus to attack old people the worst. Wipe out the wisdom, the hindsight, the longitudinally experienced. If you’re super into takeovers (and not so much into human rights), that’s a good move.

    But back to my mum’s point. I think at this point it’s already too late to call it a cautionary tale. The rights are on their way out as I write. “Don’t give up your rights!” has become “Why did you give up your rights?!” Most have already done so. As I write this comment, around 80% of my fellow kiwis have already taken the Covid jab on blind trust. One. friend insisted to me, “the vaccine makers would never try to harm us.”)
    Yep. Too late.

    At this point it’s all about revolution.

    Who’s with me?

    Editor’s response: I wanted to weep as I read this. I’m glad you used the word “revolution.” I prefer a different word, a different phrase. I call it the Great Response, in response to the Great Reset. Revolution is an antiquated and, frankly, inappropriate response. It is just more of the same chaos, horror, and bloodshed. Notice that the Great Reset crowd avoided another classic, tanks and bullets revolution. This was astute.

    My dear, as you peruse the Internet and set aside the mainstream media and its cacophony of shills and trolls, you are finding a rebirth — as with this blog. Yes, the blog I have cobbled together and that you have oh so wonderfully contributed to — that you and hundreds of other people have contributed to. (I am a “glass half full” sort of person. I know you are, too. In fact, I know that all the people who make comments to these postings are “glass half full” types.)

    The Great Response is underway. No, it’s not going to work like the American Revolution or the French Revolution or the English Civil War or any other “response” in human history. It is already unique and you, my dear, are already part of it. I find there are millions of us. And we are growing more vociferous and growing in numbers and growing in encourage and information and information-sharing and anger, daily. Even the fact that you posted this cri de coeur on a site that is read around the world by thousands of people — this is really important. Your statement, here, is actually going to save lives. Trust me in this. People will read your comment on this site today and decide, “O my God! I understand what this person is saying. I am not getting this bizarre inoculation of biological and non-biological horror!”

    Click here for the full Gary Snyder poem, “For the Children.”

    1. Revolution is the only solution. Churches and tolerance have created this monster, and regional divergence is now the only solution for traditional Americans.

      Editor’s response: You make an interesting point re. regional divergence. More and more, I am thinking the same thing. If you’d like to develop the concept further in these pages, please do so. If you can add a historical dimension, you will make me smile all the more, ’cause I’m a historian

  6. “You Are with Me,” by Kevin Carden

    Really, really helpful; life-saving, imperative, essential, to remain out-of-this-global-criminal-holocaust to protect.

  7. Calvin, all that being said, I say this, “Hindsight is 20/20.”

    I was within hours of getting the Johnson & Johnson jab. In a tongue and cheek fashion, I even made out my will. I instructed my roommates on what to do in case of my sudden death. Stupid huh!

    I was thinking that if I did these things that I would impress the gods with my bravado and I would be ok.

    I arrived at my appointment and was told J & J had been suspended, pending a review of blood clotting issues.

    I guess the gods had other uses for me. I came home and was relieved. I began reading academic publications about the jabs. I shook my head as it finally sank in that criminals in the form of Big Pharma, Pfizer being the most egregious, were selling the jabs to the governments of the world. The more I read the published studies and papers by leading medical establishments and professionals, the more I realized the lies we were being force fed 24/7 by our news and media companies.

    First lie: the spike protein stays in the arm. Well, we know that’s bullshit.

    Lie number two: the manufactured RNA does not change our DNA. That’s when I discovered a process called transcription. So, bullshit again.

    I could go on, but you get the picture. We are being fed a mountain of bullshit, and being told to ignore our common sense in favor of getting the jab.

    I am making plans to go off grid. I do not like the direction things are going. I shudder at how close I came to becoming hacked by Big Pharma.

    I will continue to hold the line.

    Beyond noncompliance, what can the jabbed and un-jabbed do to help one another resist the coming reset by our billionaire overlords? (I hear our money system is overdue for total collapse.)

    Care to wager an opinion?

    Editor’s response: When I was a boy in the 1950s in rural French Canada, my dad, a preacher, told us kids that the Cold War was surely the beginning of the Apocalypse. I remember the bomb shelters. We had neighbors who built them. As a child, I thought they were interesting and sort of cool.

    In the mid to late 60s, with the Civil Rights movement, things started looking a little apocalyptic, again. What a relief in the late 60s, early 70s when the Age of Aquarius arrived. I had the good fortune to be living in Southern California in my late teens, early 20s, and I thought: this is a wonderful antidote to any apocalypse. The Golden Age of environmentalism was accompanied by the horrors of the Indochina war. I was a candidate for that war. I was 21 and fresh out of college, and I knew the war was an abomination in every way conceivable. The gods were with me as they were with you; my asthma gained me a 4-F draft status: excused for medical reasons. (This is the only time I have fallen on my knees and blessed my asthma.)

    The rest of the 70s, into the 80s and 90s, nothing much caught my attention in the realm of apocalypses. I went about establishing my career as a professor. I divorced and then married the love of my life. I lived with Eskimos for two years on the Alaska tundra. Etc.

    Little did I realize that there had emerged a new class of human being, the Masters of the Universe, who were intent on using the new magic called the Internet, combined with the accelerating domination of the state apparatus, to cook up this thing that we now know as the Great Re-Set. I watched with amazement and incredulity the first rollout of the Great Reset with wind energy in rural America, smack dab where I was living. Wind energy, I discovered from doing my homework, is probably the most ridiculous means of producing commercial, industrial-grade energy that mankind could think of. It’s also horribly destructive to farm fields, wildlands, forest, marshes, and all manner of life, including human beings. My wife, Dr. Nina Pierpont, wound up writing the definitive study of a phenomenon she christened Wind Turbine Syndrome. Her book sold in the thousands, around the world, and was translated in abridged form into many languages.

    Wind energy was quickly followed by industrial-scale solar energy, an equally ridiculous and hopeless means of generating grid-scale power. Running a state or nation on the basis of sunshine and breezes is nothing more than the wet dream of hucksters and fools, in other words, politicians.

    Nina and I realized that wind and solar energy were the opening shots of this great battle which many of us now see taking shape. The Covid phenomenon is the latest and by far the most horrible and destructive manifestation of this takeover, this usurpation of the power of We, The People. I note that it goes back to the early 1970s, with so-called globalism. That’s when the village I live in was completely gutted of its manufactures. All of them sent overseas and winding up, eventually, in China. This process of looting local, community manufactures occurred across Canada and the USA.

    All this narrative, starting with the off-shoring of manufactures and jobs in the early 1970s, is of a piece. I see it as the gathering storm (to invoke Winston Churchill) of the Great Reset.

    In sum, I see an orchestrated process. At its basis, as I have said elsewhere on this blog, is Friedrich Nietzsche’s famous “will to power.”

    Will the currency collapse? In some ways it has already. The United States Treasury has carte blanche from the Congress and Executive to, literally, print dollar bills as needed by Wall Street banks. This is both hilarious and terrifying.

    My dad thought the 1950s Cold War was the Apocalypse. Although I pride myself on being a good historian, I’m not so good at looking the other direction, toward the future. And yet I think I’m pretty good at looking at the present and matching it up with the past, by which I mean looking for trends and processes. I’ll tell you this, we have a heavy dose of Nazi Germany going on at the moment.

    I could wind on ad nauseum. What makes this candidate for the Apocalypse distinctive is that it is pretty much global, and that the combatants are now — let me give you an illustration, a true illustration — me versus my adult daughter, who happens to be a nurse in New Mexico. In fact, I believe all of my siblings and both of my adult children have had a vaccination. What I have learned from the brief conversations we shared on the subject, is that they all stoutly defend getting the vaccine. Their response to me ranges from a mild and friendly, “Calvin, you really should get the vaccine,” to, “Dad, you’re an irresponsible, despicable human being for not getting the vaccine!”

    The Masters of the Universe have ingeniously managed to turn brother against brother, parent against offspring. Thus, I suggest your paradigm of the jabbed and the un-jabbed has a fatal flaw. It’s more a case of the un-jabbed trying to stem the hysteria and militancy of the jabbed, as in, “Dad, you’re an irresponsible SOB for opposing the jab!” You and I consider these people to be brainwashed — and brainwashing by media and the state is right out of the pages of Orwell’s “1984” and Huxley’s “Brave New World.”

    Forgive me for winding on. When all is said and done, I suppose I don’t really have a good response to your wager.

    1. Your children will sooner or later realise that you were right. And they will love you all the more for being who you are—doing your homework and standing firm.

      Life is like an onion: the truth is revealed in layers between the tears.

  8. Carmel McCormack


    ‘In breaking news, Dr. Young addresses the call for information from a Dutch pathologist witnessing blood coagulation (and micro-bleed skin discoloration called peticchiae) in high numbers of deceased, post-vaccine, and explains this is the immense harm being caused by the Nano Graphene and Iron Oxide poisoning (now found to be contained in all 4 major vaccines—Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson) which is coagulating red blood cells extremely and causing a crystallizing of the blood cells. Nano Graphene inside the cells is also making people extremely electrically conductive and paramagnetic, while opening them up to remote-access manipulation from wireless/5G radiation by linking them up to celltowers and supercomputing AI.

    People presenting at hospitals and emergency rooms with peticchiae are showing symptoms of this extreme blood poisoning and pathological blood coagulation, a specialty of Dr. Young’s given his dissertation on the subject and long involvement in studying the blood under microscopes.’

    ‘Dr. Young has spoken of detox protocols and his own advice for recovering from the poisons and terrible damages—including serious neurological damages–of this Covid vaccine and all vaccines at length in a new Newsbreak, Newsbreak 136, which will be published directly after this one, please stay tuned.’

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