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"Do you

hear the people sing?"

Picture of Calvin Luther Martin, PhD

Calvin Luther Martin, PhD

August 19, 2021

This is dedicated to the following:

The 150 nurses who were summarily fired from Houston Methodist Hospital in June for refusing to be guinea pigs for this anthropogenic cocktail being hawked as a vaccine (click here).

Twelve-year-old Maddie de Garay who is now wheelchair-bound, hooked to a nasal feeding tube, and has memory loss. She took the vaccine as a trial in kids, January 2021 (click here).

Dominique, a North Carolina model who got the vaccine in March 2021 (click here).

The hundreds of thousands of other men and women, boys and girls, who have been given this ill-advised vaccine and are egregiously suffering, with no end in sight.

The many tens of thousands of people who have died from the vaccine.

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"Do you hear the people sing," from the film, "Les misérables"

This is Dominique today (left).

This was Dominique before she got the vaccine (right).

3 thoughts on ““Do you hear the people sing?””

  1. The horror and the betrayal is unimaginable.

    Or not. I broke my back in 2010, and when X-rays revealed that I had an abdomen full of tumors, I knew in my gut it was a matter of time before medicine murdered me in pursuit of a cure.

    I fled the big city to a rural location, and I believe I am still alive only because I rejected traditional medicine in pursuit of my own methods of healing.


    1. This is Dominique, the fashion model
      discussed, above. She got the Pfizer
      “vaccine”—the same “vaccine
      the FDA wants to fully approve next week?

      F.D.A. announces it is going for full approval of Pfizer Covid19 vaccine next Monday.

      The freaking safety studies determined to be completed in 2023 be damned.

      This is a big “screw you” to every person who has died or been harmed in any way by the Pfizer genetic modification of their immune systems.

      I am so very, very angry. This is bull-doody.

      Make it stop.

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