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The Vaccine Unmasked

The Horror

Calvin Luther Martin, PhD

December 16, 2022

Three videos that will change your life—or death.

Three videos that will change the human genome.

Unless “We, The People” end this madness. Now. 

Three videos that will change your children and their children . . . 

Never underestimate the power of a small group of committed people to change the world. In fact, it is the only thing that ever hasMargaret Mead

Prof. Sucharit Bhakdi, MD

Immunologist & Microbiologist

Click here for more on Dr. Bhakdi.

Michael Palmer, MD

Immunologist & Microbiologist

Click here for more on Dr. Palmer.

13 thoughts on “The Covid Vaccine Unmasked”

  1. We know that mRNA jab injuries are batch-specific. Furthermore, Dr McCullough has shown that there is a great variation in the ingredients in the mRNA concoctions from batch to batch. (See McCullough’s recent interview with Del Bigtree on The Highwire.) The question is, how do we account for this as we analyze adverse events from mRNA “vaccination”? Isn’t it possible—probable—that the actual injury rate is higher, if we could correct for the batch-specific factor?

  2. Dr. Palmer shows the approx. 500 bp (probably southern blot) fragment that is reverse transcribed from the mRNA or the mRNA fragment and the figure says and he also says that this fragment is being inserted into the chromosomes, but no evidence of that is presented at least in his talk. I think he refers to the in vitro human hepatoma cell line and I have heard that it makes its way into the nucleus, but I have not read or heard anyone say that it actually gets incorporated into the cell chromosome or genome. That step would be highly significant of course, but I am not willing to assume that and I hope that it does not happen.

    1. Since there are in vitro studies showing the mRNA instructions being transcripted into the genome, it would be safer to assume that this takes place in vivo. To assume otherwise is reckless.

  3. I am so very thankful for those of you who have faced the truth & are standing up. This is all so difficult to digest , the corruption !! Thank you for your courage ????

  4. Great article! I found the video by Dr. Bhakdi breaking down what our body is capable of doing, versus, what we are being told worldwide, to be extremely interesting! The wolves still continue to control the sheep…when will the madness end…when will America wake up and say enough!

  5. Michael Joseph Fournier

    You mean politics and science shouldn’t mix? Is it possible this mandated experimental vaccine isn’t ready for prime time?

    I wonder how much money has been donated to the D.C. swamp by Pfizer and their like since the Chinese Corona virus first leaked out of the Chinese Defense Department lab in Wuhan.

    I can’t wait for Flip Flop Fauci to be exposed as one of the D.C. insiders who funneled U.S. dollars into the lab that was piecing together this Frankenstein virus in the first place.

    This virus isn’t a freak of nature; it’s a freak of a Chinese Military owned lab in Wuhan.

  6. Jim Wiegand - Wildlife and Corruption Expert

    In ethical circles around the world, Ivermectin is known as both a preventative and when in your system early, hinders the progression of the Covid virus. This also eases symptoms. India has saved hundreds of thousands of lives with Ivermectin while here in the US, rigged markets have caused thousands to die by restricting access to this drug. As of 12/17/22, India’s death rate from Covid has been about 9 times less per million, than here in America. Our vaccine peddling America, has reported 1,112,944 Covid fatalities.

    All this information should have been front page news 18 months ago. Instead our corrupt government sold the public vaccines and other drugs that would give their connected friends the most profits, while avoiding what was best for people.

    I looked over a new Ivermectin study from Duke University that was released 10/26/22. A study that supposedly “Confirms No Benefit to Taking Ivermectin for COVID-19 Symptoms.”

    While it’s true “this study” found no benefit to taking Ivermectin, it’s also true that these researchers are lying by omission. Their study was designed to deceive or fail because the benefit to using Ivermectin, is to take it at the first onset of symptoms or as early on as possible. This study avoided all this by flooding the study with data from patients when it was too late. Patients in the study had already been under attack from Covid for up to 7 days. But after 7 days, it’s too late to stop or slow down the virus attack upon a person’s cells.

    I’ve come across several other highly publicized Covid studies that used similar tactics and sadly, have seen the same pattern of gross deceit or fraud in hundreds of green energy studies.

    Patients should also take Ivermectin for much longer than 3 days. The Duke study patients did not.

    But something very important from this stuidy is being hidden from the public. Though they don’t talk about it, their study did prove that Covid patients should not wait and should take Ivermectin as early as possible. Otherwise they will not reap the full benefits from this drug.

    Dr. Benjamin Marble, an urgent care specialist in Florida who has been practicing for over two decades, asserts that he and his group have treated about 150,000 acute COVID-19 patients and have only lost 6 people.

    The nearly 100 percent effectiveness was achieved, Marble says, using the “McCullough protocol” of which ivermectin is the cornerstone drug.

    Jim Wiegand

    1. I keep asking this over and over again. I want any anti early treatment/ pro COVID vaccine healthcare advocate to tell me the numbers of individuals utilizing “precious” hospital resources because they took the “horse paste”. I perform utilization review for a major healthcare system. Not that any drug is 100% effective, but in my world the answer is ZERO.

  7. Thanks, Calvin.

    Always so cogent and well presented.

    You continue to amaze me with your diligence and warp speed dissemination. Will send widely.

    Always respectfully


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