On the issues that matter in Malone NY (USA)

The Mayor

Andrea Dumas

Calvin Luther Martin, PhD

October 18, 2023

6 thoughts on “The Mayor”

  1. Just to add a note about the sewer plant effluent being released into the Salmon River. You correctly noted that there have been upgrades, but those upgrades have done nothing to filter the PFAS (click here for a definition of PFAS) “forever chemicals” coming from both the “nasty leachate” (from the landfill) and what villagers, the town, and prisoners flush down the drain.

    These highly toxic chemicals are unfortunately used in many products we use everyday, though they need not be. They pass through the food chain and bio-accumulate in anything or anyone that ingests them.

    The village board has had some discussions about this problem, as you’ve likely witnessed. And there is considerable federal funding in the Inflation Reduction Act that is making its way through the funding pipeline to address what comes out of the sewage plant’s pipe. Either Andrea or Mary will be, I hope, dealing with this in the near future.

    For more info on this and an even bigger local PFAS issue, please see a report I co-authored on “sludge as fertilizer” (click here).

    Editor’s reply: Thank you Wayne! Very important stuff! May I suggest that sometime after the general election you contact the village clerk, Rebahka Scaccia, and ask to be put on the agenda for a full board meeting, where you give a comprehensive presentation on this scourge.

    Meanwhile, readers should understand that the sewage plant overhaul has cost millions of $. I believe the village got some state funding to help with this, although I may be wrong. (Rebahka Scaccia and the mayor always search out funding sources for projects great and small. I remind readers: I attend the board meetings; I hear all about these funding efforts.)

    In any event, to filter PFAS would be absolutely beyond the village budget. Federal funding would be essential. Perhaps you could team up with Rebahka and lobby for federal funds.

  2. Calvin, THANK YOU for taking the time to attend the meetings. I ABSOLUTELY AGREE with your description of the local press and its so-called reporters.

    The current mayor has been doing an EXCELLENT JOB.

    The people who currently are working in the Village Police, Village DPW, Village Offices have been giving their all (with very few exceptions) and their efforts are greatly appreciated.

  3. You “show up,” and that makes all the difference. Your work and the excellent efforts of the people in your village are raising the bar for a balanced, fair, healthy life on the land and for its inhabitants.

    Bravo, Calvin! Your continued caring brings sunshine!

  4. If only others were as motivated to observe and participate in local politics. Congratulations on an informative survey of your concerns and appreciations. Thanks for sharing, Calvin.

    These are delicate and dangerous times, and Malone appears to have a warrior class to protect it.

    I don’t know what your destiny will be, but one thing I do know: the only ones among you who will be really happy are those who have sought and found how to serve — Albert Schweitzer.

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