Great Re-Set

Part 4

Lars K. Tennyson II, MBA

Lars K. Tennyson II, MBA

Guest Editor

June 14, 2021

The Great Reset: Part Four

It’s true that conservatives have a measure of prejudice, mostly against constantly changing progressive ideology. Holding on to the sacred laws passed down to us from our forefathers and religious leaders means something to us. Keeping the rights and privileges bestowed upon us by God and country (or self-evident for the non-believers) is one of the most cherished aspects of our identity. It connects us to our past and gives us something to keep and protect for the future.

While we may not have liked the postmodern world of gender fluidity, godlessness and questionable morality, for the most part conservatives have adopted a live and let live approach.

And when we conservatives make errors, we are generally not above correcting them for the future. After all, the balance between conservation and progress is necessary for survival.

That said, we are in dire need of a restoration of core values, rights and responsibilities. We must turn away from security and embrace the struggle. We need accountability, and we also need to not take offense at every slight against us. We need to reinstate the family and the community as the primary educators of the young, relying less on indoctrination, and educating individualism as the ultimate diversity.

Surely we must reduce our dependence on handouts by enabling people to think and act for themselves. It’s okay to instill pride in accomplishment and it’s okay to throw away participation awards.

Let us reduce our investment in what’s on our screens and invigorate and enlarge our own imaginations. Let us create satisfaction in the here and now, not peddle the false gods of fame and fortune. The soulless and disposable lives of Hollywood should offer us nothing beyond a moment of entertainment; they should never inform our politics or policies.

Let us replace spectacle with substance. Let us discard the subjective and the speculative, for the objective from which we can derive our own thoughts.

Let us reject the echo chambers of the internet and social media and learn to converse with everyone, including our ideological opposites, to find common ground and compromise. Only then can we discover and create the genuinely good things that benefit us all.

Of course, if we believe we are predestined to failure, we most certainly will fail, and so much the better for the globalist agenda. They’ve clearly written us off already. But we’ve existed as a species for a lot longer without government than we have with it, and somehow we have managed to endure.

We must take chances. We must celebrate the idea that failure is never absolute and that getting back up and dusting ourselves off is the only way to keep going.

Let us rekindle the American spirit, reignite the fires of freedom and restore the ideals that lead our founders to throw off the yoke of tyranny. Only WE THE PEOPLE, not the government, can move the needle back to sanity.

We’ve been hemmed in to the point where we are almost suffocated, yet we are still breathing. We must accept that the struggle is better than “secured freedoms.”

Finally, let us once again become the beacon for the world. America can lead by example and promote freedom—not at the end of the barrel of a gun, but by our example.

There will always be conflict and hatred, but we should meet it first with a soft voice, not always with the “big stick.”

The End

If you have not read Orwell’s “1984,” you must. Here it is, below.

If we fail to heed Mr. Tennyson ‘s advice, Orwell’s prophecy will surely come to pass. (There are many who say it already has.)

The problem is, we are leaderless in this endeavor and, as Tennyson points out, dangerously divided. We risk national suicide. America did this once before. (The wounds have never healed.) We must not tempt fate again.

CLM, Editor

Lars K. Tennyson II, MBA

Lars K. Tennyson II, MBA

Lars is a design and marketing associate with Architectural & Engineering Design Associates in Plattsburgh NY. He holds a BA in architecture and MBA from Norwich University, Vermont.

1 thought on “The Great Re-Set: Part 4”

  1. Well, are we not all braver, stronger and more beautiful than we thought?

    So, resilience is the password. Take a walk in the woods to know this at your core.

    Thank you Calvin for posting Mr. Tennyson’s series of editorials.

    A blessing on who you are.

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