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The Great Re-Set:

Part 3

Picture of Lars K. Tennyson II, MBA

Lars K. Tennyson II, MBA

Guest Editor

June 13, 2021

The Great Reset: Part Three

We might ask how the advocates for a “reset” can fail to acknowledge that humans need struggle. The short answer is that they don’t care. They are well aware that a hand up is better than a handout. Their goals simply do not align with individual prosperity. They think their goal is to propel humanity to divinity or perfection, and in that pursuit there is no time for the individual who chooses freedom over (false) security.

It’s easier to placate, reduce, and ultimately eradicate the huddled masses. Feed them chemically-laden food-like products, pump them with medicines that don’t cure, let them be dazzled with cheap entertainment and unfulfilling lives.

Meanwhile, the worthy can press forward. Who the worthy are remains subjective, though it’s clear the new masters of the universe have already decided to abandon the majority to the dustbin of mediocrity. The masters have positioned themselves so far above us that they no longer see us as the same species, much less need us.

Yet the masters remain, invariably, imperfect humans. Our leaders fail constantly, they cheat and philander and lie. Our corporate leaders do no less. Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

It’s a fail/fail proposition. The base population will become bleating cattle, while the elite will become despotic. The entire system will only collapse into chaos, thus reinstating the struggle for survival once again.

As opposed to the Great Reset, would it not be better to advocate for a Great Restoration? Individual exceptionalism within a framework of protected rights and freedoms has, to date, produced the best results in all of history.

What if we collectively chose to maintain our individual rights, our ideals, and our way of life? Could we find it within ourselves to curb the globalist agenda of slave class and ruling elite? Advocating for a restoration of values necessary to righting the ship of state should be the goal, as opposed to ripping the heart from the body of George Washington’s great American experiment.

We should be asking why there’s such a rush to throw away such a precious gift in favor of a so-called new system. The reasons given as important are being championed by people whose hypocrisy is so transparent that it demands scrutiny. Security, equity, social justice, “inclusivity” and the host of other current, hot topics ring hollow when they’re being promoted by the same people who advocate for curbing or eliminating free speech, eliminating entirely the right to bear arms, and for supplanting actual justice with a system that punishes or rewards individuals based on social factors and superficial identity.

Far from being advocates for equality, the reset crowd rail against organized religion and advocate for the destruction of western civilization and white people. They spew hatred against traditional family values and insist that everyone accept whatever preposterous program they champion on any given day.

The hypocritical bigotry is monumental. A segment of the population that preaches diversity and inclusion while at the same time damning free-thinking individuals and groups that don’t meet their radical agenda is comical in its dishonesty.

How can these people possibly believe that, by actively working against values they don’t share, they are promoting diversity of thought?

The short answer is: they are exactly the thing they preach against.

Part 4 forthcoming

Picture of Lars K. Tennyson II, MBA

Lars K. Tennyson II, MBA

Lars is a design and marketing associate with Architectural & Engineering Design Associates in Plattsburgh NY. He holds a BA in architecture and MBA from Norwich University, Vermont.

George Orwell

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