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Great Re-Set

Part 2

Picture of Lars K. Tennyson II, MBA

Lars K. Tennyson II, MBA

Guest Editor

June 12, 2021

The Great Reset: Part Two

With the massive wealth redistribution of the last two decades (which has thrown generations to come into crippling debt), together with the polarization of the nation’s people against each other, the influx of illegal immigrants who do not integrate or contribute, the economic gutting of the middle class, the decimation of genuine education in favor of indoctrination, the deliberate moral bankruptcy of culture, and the assault on religious values—can there be any doubt that the objective of the globalist reset is to destroy the existing system to such a degree that we will actually forfeit our rights willingly in favor of security and stability?

We are, after all, governed by collective consent. This reset should appear to any intelligent individual as the institution of a unified control system that places our life and liberty at the whim of whoever is in charge, and punishes the traditional, individual pursuit of happiness while promoting a false individualism of cultural/racial/gender diversity which offers no substantive satisfaction, progress, or growth.

Ultimately, what it does is place us in the same situation as those we have been told for decades needed our help. We will become slaves to the state, and the Great Experiment, as George Washington described the new Republic, will truly be over.

While traditional western values have sins to answer for, without these values we would never have gotten to a place where our collective allows so many the opportunity to succeed. Throwing the baby out with the bathwater seems drastic.

The new ideas of universal basic income, compelled or forbidden speech, wealth redistribution, travel papers, etc., all making inroads into the collective consciousness of the nation are merely old, failed ideas that were implemented in the 20th century. Ideas that orchestrated the deaths of countless millions in Germany, Russia, China and other socialist/communist regimes.

Even in moderate socialist states, the failures created by governments, placing a security umbrella over all, are evident. Venezuela tried to use its wealth to give everything to everyone. Its rise and subsequent fall were monumental and swift.

Here in the United States, does anyone doubt that the media/political juggernaut is attempting to circumvent rights and freedoms by offering the same teat of a sweet, but ultimately unfulfilling, alternative to the “pursuit of happiness” embedded in our Declaration of Independence and ensured by our Constitution? Corporations and government acting in concert against freedom should spur us all to action.

Trying to circumvent the “pursuit” is in fact the most damaging blow that can be leveled against our freedom. Uncertainty is by far the greatest asset bestowed on us by the universe. It allows us to take chances and reach new plateaus, yet it also makes us cautious enough to generally avoid serious harm. The globalists urge us to believe there’s nothing good about uncertainty. They want us to embrace security and homogenization.

On the contrary, if we eliminate individual struggle and the uncertainty of life, there can be no satisfaction, only an infantile greed for more. And because of that security, many cannot perceive the prison in which they place themselves. Every time this government has given, the people, like the orphan Oliver, have asked for more. Only now, instead of a quiet wavering voice begging in fear, they have become a loud and petulant child demanding satisfaction.

We have been conditioned to crave security, to trade freedom for it. Globalism posits that there is nothing more secure than a unified and equitable world.

Ultimately, the reset will not work because you can’t overcome thousands of years of evolution. Humans require struggle, they require “the pursuit” to be satiated. We lived as animals in dominance hierarchies since before we emerged from the ocean. It is impossible to remove our competitive drives from our biology; it’s hardwired in.

We weren’t guaranteed happiness by our nation’s founders because the fundamental state of humanity is not happiness. We weren’t promised happiness because they, the nation’s founders, “pursued” something better by revolting against a tyrannical king and parliament.

Prof. Jordan Peterson, an astute cultural commentator at the University of Toronto, has rightly stated that, if you choose to do nothing, you will undoubtedly suffer. This flies in the face of a growing chorus of people who believe that nothing should ever be allowed to make them suffer, even as they continually do nothing to stem suffering except to demand its elimination. They fall victim to their own inability to act properly in a universe that demands individual effort to overcome individual suffering.

Struggle, strive, persevere and you can maintain a tenuous level of happiness. With a little luck, perhaps you can propel yourself to a place where the struggle is mitigated to such a degree as to be non-existent. Even then, the pursuit of happiness will remain.

Part 3 forthcoming

Picture of Lars K. Tennyson II, MBA

Lars K. Tennyson II, MBA

Lars is a design and marketing associate with Architectural & Engineering Design Associates in Plattsburgh NY. He holds a BA in architecture and MBA from Norwich University, Vermont.

4 thoughts on “The Great Re-Set: Part 2”

  1. Very well written, Mr. Tennyson, and a reminder of the struggle that is needed, wanted, and hard wired…

    So true that, as we fall into even more world-level socialist dogma, the need for awareness and struggle may be “fulfilling” intrinsically. I can’t imagine a world as it is going now. Lord knows we have enough tyrants, even more, perhaps, than before. Now it is fraught with universal Frankenstein-ish pseudo-science.

    The fundamental state of humanhood is, indeed, not happiness. Doing “nothing” is a map to capitulation of all we honor and love. It is taking a silent, uncaring, buzz saw to what is human and good.

    Thank you for this excellent article, which I will circulate.

  2. Charles Gardner

    Mr. Tennyson’s article, “The Great Reset,” is absolutely beautifully written.

    The radical policies seen with our current government agenda will sadly result in the results seen in Venezuela. Repeating the same mistakes and expecting different results is the definition of “crazy.”

  3. This article is quite good. Unfortunately, there is much information that was overlooked or not understood. It seems that the globalists, who seek world government, have prepared this coup d’etat for many years, where they openly stole the election of Donald Trump.

    President Trump was good for America. He brought back manufacturers that had left the United States. He shelved the trade treaties, where each involved country could not hear complaints, but the World Court in Brussels would gag all legal proceedings. He tried to build a wall on the Mexican Border.

    However, Trump was a friend of the Rothschilds. In fact, he put Wilber Ross of the Rothschilds as the head of Commerce, a top post in Trump’s cabinet. That may be the reason he did not use the Insurrection Act and the military to nullify the election and have the military oversee a new and proper election.

    To get an idea of the 100-year effort to overturn America’s constitutional government, see YouTube on the Frankfurt School, where a dozen radical and atheistic professors vilified God, Christians, and decent morality. This was in 1922. By the 1980s, more than 10,000 Marxist professors were teaching in the universities. A hundred years of propaganda had done its job.

    The UN Agenda 2030 is a total Communist way of life. It is a must to read this and see what is planned for us all.

    1. This article wasn’t necessarily intended as a history lesson, as such, a lot of the context and precursor events to the this topic were left out intentionally. There’s a lot of history out there to be discovered and I want to thank you for adding that thought for people who might not be aware. I had initially started adding some of that context, however I realized that it wasn’t entirely needed to address this topic specifically, and I removed a section of the more recent events from the 1980s through the Trump election because I knew that if I began giving that information that I’d probably have to go back further and further to add even more context.

      Given that this article is already divided into various parts I think the decision to remove the backstory kept this from becoming a 18 part lecture series. I do recommend that anyone looking for additional information should investigate the UN’s various publications for world goals, the Georgia Guidestones, and the host of books, podcasts, articles and youtube videos all delving deeper into the roots of this insidious invasion of our freedom. The Marxists are not afraid to tell you their plans. Luckily they have, as yet, been unable to effectively coerce the U.S. working class into buying into their “glorious” vision for the future.

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