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Great Re-Set

Part 1

Picture of Lars K. Tennyson II, MBA

Lars K. Tennyson II, MBA

Guest Editor

June 11, 2021

The Great Reset: Part One

The “Great Reset” is a deceptively innocent phrase that encapsulates current political thinking from the radical left. It masquerades as a solution to alleged problems with the United States, and covers every facet of our national identity and global interactions.

Included within the reset are race and culture, income and economics, climate and industry, education and employment, foreign and domestic affairs, and a grab bag of other social, economic and political components. Given the broad scope of areas the “Great Reset” encompasses, it’s surprising that most people took little notice of the term when it was casually tossed into the public consciousness after the 2020 presidential election. Perhaps this was due to other concerns that preoccupied the nation at the time (Covid-19, Trump derangement, the Capitol riots, white nationalism, Russia, etc.) or perhaps it was because it was precisely what the advocates for the “Great Reset” had planned.

To its proponents, the Great Reset is the ultimate step in the right direction for the United States. Simply put, the reset will fix all of the systemic problems ingrained in the fabric of the United States and western civilization. While this sounds like a noble and worthy goal, it may not be as benevolent as its supporters would have you believe. A reset is not a return to an earlier state; it’s a start-from-zero proposition. The idea is a reset to a state-controlled system — a socially just and globally conscious government — which will provide a level playing field for everyone by eliminating “inherent privileges” that favor some and punish others. According to its advocates, everyone is a winner; there is no unfair advantage. It will usher in a new era of safety and security, where everyone is protected against anything that can harm them.  The system itself will eliminate harm in every form.

The Man Behind the Great Reset

Klaus Schwab

Founder of the World Economic Forum

This is not a new idea. In fact, it’s been tried time and time again to no avail. It’s commonly known to the world under its original name, communism. Only, instead of the proletariat and bourgeoisie, the neo-Marxists have identified innumerable inequalities which they point to as problematic.

Sweeping away the old in favor of what is seen by many as re-branded Marxism becomes a frightening proposition that only ignorance fails to acknowledge. Marxism/socialism/communism enacted in today’s digital world would be nearly impossible to escape. Place it under the control of a dispassionate artificial intelligence which decides who has privilege (as Elon Musk’s girlfriend proposes), and it becomes outright diabolical.

How would the Great Reset be an improvement, since it appears to advocate for the surrender of our basic rights? These include the destruction of the 1st Amendment through compelled speech, forbidden hate speech, and the refusal to debate. Thus the elimination of the 2nd Amendment totally and without exception. Plus the forfeiture of the right to travel freely through the need to produce vaccination papers. Privacy rights would be violated by corporations turning over information and to government. Plus the refusal of services to individuals and groups deemed extremist in the court of public opinion.

The more controls that are enacted for the supposed common good, the less good seems to exist. The more diversity is promoted, the less freedom to express views is tolerated. This is clear, as the federal government continues to impede individual liberties while the media extolls the virtues of giving up our rights for security. We watched as 9-11 allowed the government to create yet another policing agency, despite the fact that less than five years previously it was unable to pass similar legislation in Congress. We have rarely been pushed into further restricting our freedoms consciously; as Americans we bristle at any attempt to overtly curtail our freedom. But we do seem to readily accept and acquiesce by “choice” when faced with whatever urgent crisis they are telling us to fear. We then collectively beg for government to protect us, and they are more than willing to do so. Domestic terrorism and white nationalism are the latest buzzwords they’re using to stamp out any opposition to their agenda. They brand vocal opposition to globalism as racist and terrorist and call it an urgent threat, yet allow open communists (Antifa) to destroy cities and incite rioting with almost no restriction. Unrest continues to grow on both ends of the political spectrum even as we are showered with “free” money, healthcare and education.

Part 2 forthcoming

Picture of Lars K. Tennyson II, MBA

Lars K. Tennyson II, MBA

Lars is a design and marketing associate with Architectural & Engineering Design Associates in Plattsburgh NY. He holds a BA in architecture and MBA from Norwich University, Vermont.

2 thoughts on “The Great Re-Set: Part 1”

  1. Spot on with everything, Lars. I appreciate your views, especially the facts and the reality of what is truly happening in the world.

  2. Whoa, part 2, please send. I will have to be very thoughtful about which music to play this evening to rebalance. Thank you for your good work, I’ll send this on.

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