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Pissed off about Gerrymandering

Franklin County, NYS

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Calvin Luther Martin, PhD

February 4, 2022

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Sleazy politician
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an irate resident of Franklin County NY

Dear NYS Assemblyman Jones,

This is to let you know I vehemently oppose the Democrats’ gerrymandering (rigging elections to maintain power) my district. It’s power grabbing stunts like this that drive voters to leave the state. (And the highest tax rates in the nation and the most radical lawmakers in the union.)

This partisan bullshit has to end if we are to continue to exist. Our district CAN NOT be fairly represented as the new lines have been drawn.

What is the sense of voting in NYS anyway?

The Governor (past and present) acts like a dictator with permission from the senate and assembly, illegal aliens can now vote in NYC and surrounding areas once they live in the region for thirty days.

Flights of illegal aliens are occurring on a regular basis throughout the state, dropping off the Illegals who cross the southern border and are being relocated by the Biden Admin. almost daily. They drop ’em off and the state (taxpayer) foots the bill moving forward. The feds walk away, wiping their hands.

This is a sham and corrupts the entire election process. I (and all LEGAL New York State citizens) don’t need to have our votes cancelled by people who enter this country ILLEGALLY. The Dems reward them. We don’t need Illegal aliens, period. It’s bad for them and worse for us.

One million tax-paying New York citizens leave NY State each year, and the Democrats violate Federal laws by replacing them with a million illegal aliens.

You-They grant sanctuary from federal laws, provide housing, health care, education, medical care all at NY taxpayer expense, and then they either work underground (driving down wages) or steal identities (Soc. Sec. Numbers) and work illegally.

Albany does more for them than they do for legal New York State citizens.

What about the OATH all politicians take to uphold the laws? I take that seriously. Does anybody in Albany feel the same or do the ends justify the means when it comes to clinging to power?

If the state can say “fuck you” to the feds and ignore laws they don’t like, why can’t we in Malone say “fuck you” to state leaders for laws we don’t like, and ignore these laws?

Let’s start with the Un-constitutional “Safe Act,” so called. Fuck NY for that! Can I ignore it because I don’t like it? Can Franklin County become a 2nd amendment sanctuary county?

Shamefully, my legislators ignore laws they don’t like and do it for a living. (Except for NYS Sen. Stec, the elected Republican the Dems. just booted out of here so they can rig the election process in their favor.)

If it were not for double standards, the Democrat party of NY State and DC would have no standards at all.

The State of New York has gone to shit more in the past 3 years than I’ve witnessed in my entire lifetime.

I’d take note of the people who really pay the taxes in this state. That minority supports the majority of the people (and politicians) living in NY; they are the ones who can afford to pack up and leave and are in fact leaving. (So fast you can hear a sucking sound.) They are voting with their feet.

I’m embarrassed to tell people where I’m from when I travel out of the state I love. And now I wake, today, to learn my district has been rigged. I used to think the political corruption was mainly from Albany and down though NYC. Not anymore.

I’ve not missed an election since I was 18 years old. That may change since there is no point in wasting my vote.

Your party no longer represents the people of NYS. You represent the people with big wallets and all illegals. Everyone else, it seems, can go to hell.

This “woke” bullshit will cause problems I can’t even imagine, but it will.

I want to support you, but if you sit on the sidelines with the issues I raise, I will walk away.

I understand that you and I are at opposite ends of the political spectrum, and yet I’ve always voted for you because you seem to give a shit about Malone and Franklin County.

But I can’t vote for anybody who does not publicly oppose Election RIGGING.

I remain very truly yours

Michael J Fournier
Malone NY

2 thoughts on “Pissed off over Gerrymandering in NYS”

  1. null
    My email to Mr. Jones is a bit conflated, yet the issues remain tied together. (It was created in 3 or 4 minutes, so, structurally, at least, it only gets a C.) But nobody can win my argument based upon facts.

    I’ll not be surprised if someone reads it and calls me and my views right wing and racist. In that case, I look forward to responding.

    I’m so pissed off, I’m dizzy. Those sons of bitches in Albany and DC are always complaining that “democracy” is at stake. The Feds are fighting for total control of the electoral process, claiming democracy is at stake and their reforms are the only thing that’ll save it. But when you read what they want to pass in the House, you can be sure if it passes, no Republican will ever get elected again in DC.

    Then you wake up and read what Albany just did to us. It makes you realize that democracy is in fact at stake. “Nothing to see here folks; look over there.”

    The Democrat-Socialist-Marxist-Communist-Progressive party is going to get blown out of the water in DC in the mid-terms, and it is changing the rules while it still has power. Albany is following this lead.

    *Do as we say, not as we do!
    *How dare you question us?
    *We believe in science. You can’t question science.
    *Put your mask on or you can’t go to the library and read anymore.
    *How dare you?
    *Get vaccinated or lose your job. Hell NO; you can’t even get unemployment if you lose your job because you aren’t “vaccinated.” Get vaccinated or we will crush you. You will lose your families insurance, your house, your car, your credit. (I have a dozen friends lose their state jobs and nursing jobs in the past month).
    *How dare you not Vax?
    *You will bend to our will, or we will crush you. We’ll marginalize you.
    *Cover your face or you can’t buy food.

    Every tactic they’re using right now, from rigging the election process to crushing all that oppose them, is taken from China and Chairman Mao’s Little Red handbook. I mean this literally.

    *First you nudge them gently, and if that doesn’t work, crack the fuckers over the head with a big hammer. Crush all with opposing views and use the media to promote the narrative.

    Even the formerly credible NY Times slammed “The Democratic People’s Republic of New York” redistricting lines as cartoonish.

    The Democratic Socialist Party isn’t even trying to hide it anymore. They are clinging to power by any and all means necessary.


  2. null

    Sadly, the Democrats have been able to destroy the State of New York. From bail reform to constant attacks on the Second Amendment. And the list grows.

    The number of residents moving from New York to states like Florida and Tennessee is currently record-setting.

    The introduction of multiple flights under the cover of darkness of illegal immigrants is just another violation of our leaders’ oath of office.

    Clearly the Democrat leaders have one agenda. Their way is the only way.

    Now the new battle cry of the Democrats is to allow illegal immigrants to be able to vote in our state elections.

    Enough is enough. We the People deserve better.

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