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Fascism has arrived in Canada

Calvin Luther Martin, PhD

Calvin Luther Martin, PhD

February 12, 2022

4 thoughts on “Fascism Has Arrived in Canada”

  1. Nazi Brownshirts

    The saddest part? The young female cop appears completely clueless, buoyantly unaware that this sort of citizen spying and targeting is pure evil. Once this Great Awakening has reached critical mass, and the old corrupted systems are replaced, education in proper civics and human rights has got to be compulsory.

    This young cop is like so many ignorant youth being used as unwitting Brownshirts. Dear GOD, save us . . .

  2. Stalin’s goal has been achieved. He sent millions of people out of Russia, throughout Europe, into the Americas, all over the world, to infiltrate every agency, every group, every religious denomination.

    They went in and took over schools, the media, industry, politics, and even the Catholic church. The goal was to get these countries’ citizens to denigrate their countries, see good as evil and evil as good, and to create a worldwide police state.

    People often mistakenly say that these are Nazi tactics, but the truth of the matter is that the Nazis and Hitler learned these tactics from Stalin. The fact that a Canadian police officer would even consider doing what she did, which was a clear violation and trampling of not just a citizen’s rights, but their own Constitution, shows you how effective the campaign of indoctrinating the world into accepting a police state as a norm has been.

    This is Stalin’s legacy, and we are living this nightmare today.

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