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Dr. Pierpont Asks School Board to Weigh in on

5G Radiation

Picture of Calvin Luther Martin, PhD

Calvin Luther Martin, PhD

January 24, 2021

To:  Jerry Griffin, Superintendent, Malone Central Schools;
Phil Hans, School Board Chairman; Malone Central Schools
School Board Members
Dear Superintendent Griffin, Mr. Hans, and other School Board Members:
I am writing about the proposed installation of 5G (“Fifth Generation”) cellphone transmitters in the Village of Malone.  A request for permission to proceed is currently before the Village Board from the company T-Mobile.  The location would be the village water tower off Finney Blvd., where T-Mobile already has 4G transmitters.
There is an international furor over potential health effects of 5G.  To date the extensive research on the biological and health effects of radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation has focused on waves coming from cell phones themselves, close to the head or other parts of the body.  With 5G, the radiation from transmitting antennae themselves, exposing everyone, is also of concern.  5G uses new, higher-frequency wavelengths that require higher powers and dense networks of transmitters inside neighborhoods.
The purpose of 5G is large-volume, rapid transmission of internet data to cell phones.  It does not alter the range or availability of cell phone coverage, nor provide any services to businesses or schools (per company rep, John Lynch, to Village Board on 1/22/2021).  Fiber-optic cable remains far superior in terms of volume and speed of data transmission, and is the preferred internet source for schools. 
Children are of highest health concern because their young tissues are more vulnerable to cellular-level damage.  In this case, I am worried about how close Davis School is to the proposed transmitters on the water tower.
My husband, Calvin, has put together a focused series of documents that may be accessed here.  Since this article includes other Malone Village topics, you will need to scroll down to section (4) on 5G.  
The documents include a report (Nov. 1, 2020) from a commission appointed by the New Hampshire State Legislature in 2019 to investigate the issue.  It recommends distancing transmitters from schools (though without recommending a specific distance). 
Your input to the Village on this decision is potentially very important, as you are the daily guardians of and authority on children.  Unfortunately time (and the T-Mobile rep) are pressing, and the Village Board plans to discuss this issue again at its meeting Monday evening at 6:00 PM, January 25.
Thank your for your attention to this,
Best wishes,
Nina Pierpont, MD, PhD, FAAP
19 Clay St. 
Malone NY 12953 
(518) 483-6481 office
(518) 353-1841 cell 
P.S. Note the lawsuit announced last Thursday by the Children’s Health Defense against the FCC regarding 5G standards.  Click here to read the article.
Board of Education Members
Mayor & Village Trustees

Andrea Dumas or call her at 518-483-4570 (village office)
[email protected]

Archie McKee
[email protected]

Norman Bonner
[email protected]

Matt Boyea
[email protected]

Brian Langdon
[email protected]

The Back Story

Here is what is going on.  In 2008, a telecommunications company, T-Mobile (T-M), signed a multi-year lease with the Village of Malone to install telecommunication transmitters/antennas on top of our water tower. The lease (see below) gives T-M the right to install any equipment it wishes, without permission from the village. In addition, T-M leased 128 ft.² of space within the base of the water tower for the company’s equipment. Over the years, T-M amped up the radio frequency electromagnetic fields (RF-EMF) of its transmitters/antennae, presumably beginning with 2G (“G” stands for Generation) to 3G to 4G.  I assume the current transmitters are 4G RF-EMF.  By the way, the purpose of the transmitters is for cellphone use.  Verizon has similar antennae/transmitters on top of the county courthouse, although Verizon’s, according to County Administrator Donna Kissane, are not 5G.

In early December 2020, T-M sent Mayor Dumas a letter explaining that it intends to replace the current transmitters/antennae with new ones.  Although T-M didn’t reveal this in its letter, it is clear from the nature of equipment involved (I researched it) that the new transmitters will be 5G.

This is the problem:  5G transmitters within the village.  If you’ve been following the world news for the past few years, you are aware that there is an uproar over health and environmental impacts from 5G transmitters in proximity to homes, schools, hospitals, frankly everywhere there are people and animals. The health effects are explained in detail in the documents, below. 

Alarmed by a groundswell of scientific evidence that 5G is dangerous, the State of New Hampshire in Sept 2019 set up a blue-ribbon committee of experts and industry stakeholders to investigate the health and environmental impacts of 5G. 

The committee submitted its report to the governor and legislature on Nov 1, 2020, titling it the Final Report on Commission to Study the Environmental and Health Effects of Evolving 5G Technology (RSA 12-K:12-14, HB 522, Ch. 260, Laws of 2019).

Click here for a copy. The committee read thousands of documents and interviewed numerous other experts and stakeholders. Here is the summary of the report.

Here are two of the report’s 15 recommendations, #6 and #7:

Here are the questions the committee asked of the telecommunications industry and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC):

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  1. Every school in the upstate area should receive a copy of this letter and accompanying information.

    Thank you for being a voice of reason.

    ~ Janice

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