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ICU Nurse

Tells a Very Different Story about Covid

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Calvin Luther Martin, PhD

August 17, 2021

This is worth watching

Several weeks ago I watched another video by this nurse. I have hunted for it but, alas, can’t find it.

As I recall, she was in the US Army for several years. A medic, I believe. After being (honorably) discharged, she went to nursing school. 

If my memory serves me, she volunteered to work in the Elmhurst Hospital, NYC, during the height of the Covid epidemic a year ago. (I believe she lives in Florida. Hence, she flew to NYC to help out in the ICU.)

I found her video (the one I can no longer locate) compelling and disturbing—disturbing for her revelations. 

You can form your own judgment. Watch this.

9 thoughts on “ICU Nurse Tells a Very Different Story about Covid”

  1. Brain-Washed

    I am a registered nurse who retired right as COVID was hitting. It scares me that people are being vaccinated without knowing the possible long-term side effects of an experimental drug. It angers me that people are being bullied into getting a vaccine that has not even been approved.

    Most of all, I am angry that our government and drug companies are forcing people to get vaccinated. I believe they do not are about the people. It is so sad to see where our country is, and why so many people will believe the government when they have already been caught in so many lies.

    One question. Where, oh US senators, are the endless weeks of hearings exposing these crimes against humanity?

    Until then, you plant your feet n’ your God-given free agency firmly in the ground and say, “No!”

  3. Thanks for posting this important video, Calvin. Her story is honestly, compassionately, and intelligently told.

    The actual numbers of deaths and impacted persons: will we truly ever know? One whistleblower predicts that in the US, alone, there have been 45,000 deaths. Incalculable misery from impacts and reactions.

    These are not vaccines; they are experimental gene-therapy injections. They should be pulled immediately. Restitution to impacted persons and families is in order.

    In my view, anyone looking at the contents of these so-called vaccines would be hesitant, reluctant and, I would hope, refusing.

  4. How does anyone know how many cases there are? I thought the PCR tests have been discredited.

    Editor’s reply: You’re correct; they were discredited. Except, it doesn’t matter. This is the horror–that it doesn’t matter.

    The entire Covid phenomenon is not amenable to empirical evidence. Nor is it approachable through reason. It is, as you have discovered, identical to the so-called renewable energy blitzkrieg, beginning with useless and indeed destructive wind turbines 20 years ago and continuing with equally useless and destructive solar plants.

    The “anthropogenic” global warming phenomenon, ostensibly fixed by wind and solar energy, is eerily similar to the Covid phenomenon: an anthropogenic disease paired with a destructive and at best useless inoculation of active genetic material (mRNA) tipped with a nuclear warhead called the “spike” protein.

    As Orwell predicted, the media and government-controlled narrative has nothing to do with hard evidence. Nothing to do with real science which, anyhow, has become a whore to corporations and wealth.

    The tragedy is that the vast majority of Americans (and Canadians, Brits, Irish, French, Aussies, etc.) are sheeple: they swallow all this horror. Orwell predicted it. So did Huxley (Brave New World). So did the Bible, interestingly enough. Orwell and Huxley are taught in literature courses in college. The Bible is relegated to religion courses or church services. I say, take Orwell, Huxley, and the Bible out of these pigeon-holes and move them center stage. All these messengers were on to something and it would behoove us to pay attention to all three. (Incidentally, I don’t call myself a Christian. No labels.)

  5. Everything in our society today is an illusion to scam tax money and funnel it to people who essentially do nothing but justify, rationalize, minimize, deny, project blame, etc. America is suffering from a narcissistic personality disorder, meeting all criteria.

    Each healthcare facility appears corrupt and benefits by society’s illness. This is why I subject myself to uncomfortable work environments while attempting to be as genuine as I can in efforts for others to question their own integrity and perspectives immediately.

    Corruption is a maladaptive response and the patient continues to carry on without care. It is disgraceful as an American to turn away and not do all you can to make a difference. My conscience does not allow me levels of comfort in exchange for my integrity.

    Hence, I have been awake since 3:30 am firing off emails.

  6. The Nazi Doctors
    Dr. Mengele, “Doctor Death,” is second from left

    You, George Orwell, and Jim Wiegand all had it right. The injections were not for COVID-19 immunity, and it’s questionable to call them vaccines. Have they prevented the Sino-virus from causing anybody’s death? How many of the 193,204 injected people survived the COVID-19 virus?

    If the above 193,204 cases of COVID-19 had not received injection(s), how many of them would have died from the virus? There is no answer because it can’t be both outcomes; it is an either/or tally with an infinite number of variables confounding the count.

  7. Jim Wiegand - Wildlife Biologist

    The lies from this corporate world today are endless.

    Today the Wall Street Journal reported that among fully vaccinated people, there have been 193,204 cases of COVID-19 in 44 states between Jan. 1 and early August. That’s not immunity.

    There are probably far more than 193,204 Covid-19 cases with fully vaccinated people, like Gov Abbott, that have no symptoms and no reason to be tested. I would also bet there are far more Covid deaths due to vaccine failures than the 1587 being reported by the CDC.

    Considering all the vaccine failures and CDC recommendations to get Covid booster shots after 8 months, should anyone be calling these Covid shots a vaccine?

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