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Calvin Luther Martin, PhD

Calvin Luther Martin, PhD

August 11, 2021

Fake diagnoses & records


Simple. Follow the money. Hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and govt. agencies all made more money from a "Covid" diagnosis or "cause of death" than all the other reasons for being ill or dying.

Do you feel like your heart is in a vise?

If you do, frankly you’re not making it up. People who got the vaccine are getting numerous micro-thrombi in their lung capillaries. So it has been conjectured by a number of practicing clinicians based on the pathological evidence so far.

Unfortunately and weirdly, the pathological studies are almost non-existent. I recently listened to a talk by a Mayo Clinic-trained pathologist who noted that out of 20,000 to 40,000 conjectured deaths, globally, from the vaccine, there is only 1 (one) published analytical autopsy, that is, a post-mortem done at the cellular and molecular level using—listen carefully, ’cause this is the key—immuno-fluorescent staining. Such staining can identify and localize specific proteins, such as the vaccine spike protein and what’s called “complement” protein. (Complement is part of the immune response.)

This is absolutely the kind of pathological study (at the cellular level using immuno-fluorescence) that’s needed. It is criminal on the part of governments that it has not been done—except once, for Chrissakes?

Eventually, these lung capillary thrombi wind up compromising the right side of the heart, which can eventually give out. (This happened, I suspect, to my handyman’s wife a week ago. A perfectly healthy woman, aged 50, who was prevailed upon by her employer to get both jabs, months ago. She was buried last Friday.)

The rest of you who feel like your heart is in a vise, that is, those of you who didn’t get this death jab, are undoubtedly feeling the intense pressure of this whole Covid madness. I share your anguish.

I share your anguish and keep wondering, as all of you do, why the hell we continue to put up with this coruscating, monstrous evil? Why do we put up with the virologists who made this disease? And the immunologists and biochemists who made the equally disastrous vaccines?

I don’t give a damn that these people have PhD’s! I, who taught at an Ivy League university, used to give people PhD’s! Screw their degrees! These zombies have zero principles except some horseshit concept they worship called “science”—a screwball idolatry that has overstayed its welcome.

Is it that we can’t identify the source of the evil? It’s head, as it were. Is it because the evil has become so diffuse and embedded in government apparatus and dogma that it’s everywhere: school boards, university administrations, county health departments, media, state departments of health—even my local public library!

We need to turn against these agencies and departments and boards and, frankly, these individuals. This must be stopped! If only because the next target is our children.

I say, to hell with the toothless, yammering, kick-the-can-down-the-road US Congress! And to hell with the hellish NIH and CDC and lab freaks in China and USA and elsewhere who concoct this shit. These madmen and women must be stopped!

This isn’t about Donald Trump. Screw Trump! He’s a weenie: he let these jackasses eject him from the White House. Stop looking to him to do something. 

We, The People have to do it!

3 thoughts on “Hawaii whistleblower reveals massive Covid fakery”

  1. Love your expression, “prevailed upon by her employer.” When prevailed upon due to political pressure, we need to have the employers sign a document making them liable for any harm done by their “prevailing.”

    Maybe then they’ll give thought to the matter.

  2. Jim Wiegand - Wildlife Biologist

    When a New York Governor’s decision helps to send up to 15,000 nursing home patients to the grave and we still have this POS walking around free, boy do we have a problem.

    Editor’s comment: “POS” being the acronym for Piece of Shit. 


    1. Completely brilliant expose.

      The ENEMY is WE.

      Thank you!

      Calvin, I love that you say “to hell with these agencies and people!” And to hell with those who do not support each other in this fight.

      It’s complex, but hellish if some weak-spirited individuals puncture sincere efforts. Such people become “water bearers” for the industry.

      Than you for an excellent piece!

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