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Covid Vaccine


Picture of Calvin Luther Martin, PhD*

Calvin Luther Martin, PhD*

January 10, 2021

*I have listed in white, below, my academic credentials in immunology & molecular biology.

  • PhD (History) 1974 (Univ. of Calif.)
  • BA (Biology) 1969 Westmont College
  • PhD program (Molecular Biology) fall semester 1969 (Univ. of Calif.)
  • PhD program (Immunology) Jan 1983 through Dec 1983 (Rutgers University)

Dr. Michael died from “bleeding-out” in his head. That is, he died of a  hemorrhagic stroke because he had no platelets.

Platelets are the smallest blood cells. They are essential for blood clotting. The usual number is 150,000 to 400,000 per cubic millimeter of blood. Dr. Michael had between 0 and 1000 per cubic millimeter.

ITP (immune-mediated  thrombocytopenic purpura) is typically caused by antibodies that form against platelets, causing the antibodies to clear the platelets from the circulation.

During the two weeks between when he noticed the petechiae (pinpoint-sized bruises) and had a platelet count of 0-1, the doctors would have been trying to replace his platelets with transfusions and, in addition, turn off his immune reaction with medications like prednisone. Neither of these worked.

The reaction was so strong that all the infused platelets were likewise cleared by the vaccine-triggered antibodies. In other words, the doctors couldn’t turn off his immune reaction to his platelets.

We need to stop regarding these tragedies as acceptable collateral damage. We need to step back from this giddy exuberance and make a cold, hard, risk assessment about these experimental medical interventions. And we need to recognize that these zero-liability vaccines are risky and that where there is risk, there has to be choice.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Children’s Health Defense Chairman and Chief Legal Counsel

3 thoughts on “Covid Vaccine”

  1. I know of no one who received a vaccine with a gun to his head. They are totally voluntary. With 1000’s dying daily and millions having successfully received the vaccine, banning vaccines now would be a serious crime against humanity.

    1. I do know of some people working in private health care facilities that have been given the choice of getting the vaccine or losing their job. I do, however, agree with not banning vaccines.

      Personally, I have not decided if I will get it or not.

  2. Exactly. We are not allowed to think critically anymore. We are not allowed our intuition or instincts. “They” are forcing this vaccine down our collective throat. Ahhhh!

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