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Vaccine Victims Want to Be Heard !

Picture of Calvin Luther Martin, PhD

Calvin Luther Martin, PhD

July 28, 2021

Watch this brief video. It may save your life.
Then watch these real video stories
Then read these adverse reaction accounts. There's a whole lot of them.
We must not sweep this under the rug!

Governments can sweep these stories under the carpet. But a government is nobody, really. It’s merely a concept, a club in which loads of people pass their time and get paid. The government is not people. (Are you aware that the Republicans and Democrats are technically just clubs? Like the Kiwanis and Rotary. Ponder this.)

Likewise corporations can brush these stories under the carpet. But corporations are not people; they are a legal fiction.

Medicine, too, can brush these under the carpet, because it, too, is merely a concept. Individual physicians are not “medicine.” 

As it happens, medical doctors have been left out of the loop. (Have you noticed that it is not your physician, or any MD for that matter, who gives you the vaccine?) The pharmaceutical companies should have been holding webinars for the past year on these mRNA vaccines. They have not done this. Medical doctors are not trained for this vaccine and certainly not for these adverse reactions. 

To all the good people in these videos who are suffering, I say this: These vaccines were not produced by “medicine” or the medical community, and certainly not by medical schools or even medical doctors. They were produced in laboratories by PhD immunologists, virologists, cell biologists, molecular biologists, biochemical engineers and biophysicists. Not by people with MD degrees. (If they did in fact have an MD degree, they were not practicing, clinical physicians.)

Hence, when you go to the hospital ER or to your doctor and he or she is flummoxed, don’t blame them; mRNA vaccines are a quantum leap beyond their medical school and “continuing medical education” training. None of their diagnostic tools were made to detect what these people are experiencing. Yes, this includes so-called blood work and MRIs.

Dr. Michael was a well-trained physician at a teaching hospital in Miami Beach. Think about it: If this physician had been aware of the full spectrum of possible reactions to the Covid vaccine, do you think he would have taken it? The point is, physicians were left in the dark, just as you other vax victims have been left in the dark.

In sum, you people in these videos are in a clinical No Man’s Land. Terra incognita (unknown territory).

Study this map from, I’m guessing, the mid-16th century (1500s). Notice what North America looks like: bizarre. Misshapen and totally mysterious. People like Columbus and Cabot and Cartier and Verazzano and Cortes were sailing over here from England, France, Portugal, Spain and trying to figure out what the hell this land mass looked like. At first they thought it was islands. At first they thought all the inhabitants were either monsters or, at best, cannibals.

The Americas were terra incognita: unknown land.

You vaccine victims need to rethink yourselves as explorers sent out by King Henry VIII of England, Francis I of France, Ferdinand and Isabella of Spain. You were sent to explore the terra incognita of the new world of nano-medicine, in particular nano-vaccines. You were courageous to do this and, yes, your experience—your discovery—of what this new world is like is important to all of us, including me. 

Unfortunately, the monarchs who sent you off to explore this new world chickened out. They want to keep your discovery a secret. In fact, they have abandoned you over here in this weird new world of nano-medicine. They are pretending the world of nano-medicine is just like the old world of allopathic (classical) medicine. 

You brave and good souls are sending messages to the rest of us, back home in Europe, begging us to come rescue you. We can rescue you only if we pay attention to the new world you have discovered and experienced. 

You vax victims are being blamed for your discovery of what the new world of nano-therapeutics is like. Blamed for experiencing its downside, its dangers. As if you brought these symptoms upon yourselves.
I don't worry so much about the people in the lab coats. It's the men in uniform who alarm me. Our founding fathers warned us about this photograph. They said, "When you see this picture, put up the barricades!" We have not heeded their warning.

We’re dealing with a cunningly engineered (“gain of function”), man-made disease that combined the worst elements of known viruses, starting with a rare bat virus as a template. That is, a wildlife virus. Throughout history, wildlife disease pools (zoonoses) always have been the most lethal.

Complicating matters further, from an immunological perspective, Big Pharma then (literally) cobbled together an inoculation just as bizarre and mysterious and called it a vaccine. None of those PhD scientists in the labs really understand the ramifications of the cocktail they concocted to fight the virus. They were under tremendous pressure from governments (Operation Warp Speed) and their employers to come up with a vaccine, ASAP!

Notice that I am not calling these scientists evil. I would say, however, that they are alarmingly oblivious to the political repercussions of their research and development. They have released the genie from the bottle of nano-medicine and nano-therapeutics. There is no putting it back inside.

What these scientists did was take the research they were doing on mRNA vaccines aimed at tumor therapy, where they had been using laboratory mice as in vivo substitutes for humans (see Figure 3, to the right), and redirected these efforts to producing a human anti-viral mRNA vaccine with greatly accelerated human clinical trials. It’s one thing to study mRNA therapies against tumor masses in lab mice; it’s quite another to switch this trial-and-error process to combatting a bizarre, systemic virus by using mRNA nano-carriers to stimulate human immune cells and antibodies to destroy this unprecedented virus. 

Source: Bramini et al., "Interfacing graphene-based materials with neural cells," Frontiers in Systems: Neuroscience (April 2018), vol. 12, article 12.

Notice the strange-looking sheet labeled “targeting delivery” in the above image. The one that looks like a honeycomb (hexagons).

That’s graphene. Here is a sheet of graphene, below. The pharmaceutical companies swear on a stack of bibles that they did not attach the mRNA to graphene, but, rather, embedded it in a fat blob (liposome). I am writing an article about this, soon to appear on this blog. Stay tuned.

Here is a diagram of what was involved in making mRNA vaccines, and the anticipated outcome in human cells and tissues:

Source: Wang et al., "An evidence-based perspective on mRNA-SARS-CoV-2 vaccine development," Medical Science Monitor (May 5, 2020), vol. 26, 8pp.

Pretty darn complicated, right? The point is, making the vaccine was a huge stretch for these scientists. No one had produced an in vivo (meaning, “used in living organisms”) nano-therapy on anywhere near this scale or complexity. Everyone involved knew it was dicey. But the stakes seemed high, and governments deemed the risks of adverse reactions worthwhile.

I repeat, everyone involved in the roll-out knew the vaccine could be problematic. Even so, let me emphasize, rank and file medical doctors and medical schools and groups like the American Medical Association, American Academy of Pediatrics, American College of Physicians, and state medical societies were not consulted and not involved in the roll-out. Yes, administrators at NIH, like Dr. Tony Fauci, were consulted and in fact orchestrated the roll-out. But people like Fauci don’t practice medicine, despite some of them having  an MD degree. 

The risks were predicted a little over a year ago in publications like the one cited above, from which I took that figure. Note my highlighting on these 2 pages, below, taken from the same source: Wang et al., “An evidence-based perspective on mRNA-SARS-CoV-2 vaccine development,” Medical Science Monitor (May 5, 2020), vol. 26, 8pp. (Click here to download.)

Notice the authors’ statement:

“It is important to clearly understand the potential risks of this type of mRNA-based vaccine, which include local and systemic inflammatory responses, the biodistribution and persistence of the induced immunogen expression, possible developments of autoreactive antibodies and toxic effects of any non-native nucleotides and delivery system components.”

What they are saying, in plain English, is that there can be inflammatory (i.e., immune-mediated) responses that are either localized or spread throughout the body. These immune responses can be neurological and can affect organ function. They can also of course affect muscle function. These inflammatory responses are a result of the immune apparatus going haywire—back-firing, going off the rails.

The authors likewise acknowledge that the antigens artificially produced by the fake mRNA can get out of control throughout the body, thus creating who knows what havoc? 

In addition there can develop autoimmune responses (i.e., the body fighting itself) and frank toxic effects from the fake mRNA in the vaccine and any of the other artificial cargo in the vaccine serum and in the fake liposome (fat ball) containing the fake mRNA. (Note:  Our bodies don’t tolerate fake shit! In fact, Mother Nature has spent millions of years carefully creating checks and balances in the mammalian body to guard against fake shit being introduced.)

Here's the screamingly obvious question:

How the hell are we going to understand these sometimes disastrous reactions if the media, NIH, CDC, and state and federal governments cover them up? 

Second, how the hell are we going to understand these reactions if medical doctors are cut out of the conversation? In the meantime, physicians who dare to say, publicly, that they are witnessing serious adverse reactions are threatened with being fired from hospitals and clinics or losing their license!

This suggests something very bad is going on, does it not? This is not the America I grew up in. It is not the America my ancestors fought and toiled for. This is unacceptable.

Join me in spreading these vaccine stories far and wide. These people are our brethren. Unlike a government, corporation, agency, society, or association, these are human beings. Never let public policy destroy human beings. When we do, we have lost our own humanity. (Hitler’s Germany, for instance.) For silence is complicity. So is denial. Forget about your juvenile “conspiracy” knee-jerk reaction, if you have one; this is real and these people are real. And now you and I must be real, too.

3 thoughts on “Covid vaccine victims want to be heard, dammit!”

  1. Love this website! Grew up in Westfield, NJ. Vacationed often in Speculator, NY. Love upstate NY. Not so much the city and all.

    Air Force took me to several places ending up in CT for a career in insurance. Wife died in CT, leading to retirement. Now live in FL and have for past 12 years. Remarried and enjoying life.

    Prior education in business, which I loved. Once retired, completed bachelor’s degree in Bible/Theology, then on to master’s degree in same. Began doctorate, but abandoned for time being as being treated for plasma cell cancer.

    Chided by oncologist two days ago for not getting vaccine. Primary doc did not wish to talk of Ivermectin with me; he suggested vaccine. No gunna happen!

    Keep up the good work. Oh yeah, stated blog in March while taking steroids associated with cancer treatments causing sleepless nights.

    God bless!

    Editor’s note: Thank you for your kind words, my friend. You are in my prayers.

    I could say that I believe in prayer, but this is meaningless. What I know is that prayer believes in me. This fact brings me to my knees.

  2. Concerned for our world

    Thank you for posting this.

    Like with so many other topics in the world today, facts do not matter, the “science” is political and biased, and people have lost their ability to think critically.

    What most do not understand is that we are each a study of ONE, meaning we each have different variables that make us either more or less vulnerable when it comes to any infection, medication, or physical intervention. Our genetics, diet, lifestyle, environment, etc. have a real life impact on whether or not our bodies respond positively or negatively to medication or vaccination. There are people who are suffering due to these “vaccinations,” more so than any other in the past.

    The VEARS reporting is highlighting the negative impacts, despite the FACT that adverse reactions are under-reported. Something like only 1% ever get reported. THERE ARE NO LONG-TERM STUDIES. Let that sink in. The country is mandating these medical/technological interventions with no numbers/statistics of health outcomes for any of the age brackets. There is no information on the long-term effects from injecting this technology directly into the blood stream, into children, into elderly, into people with Covid, people who have antibodies to Covid, have autoimmune history, etc.

    Now, I am for freedom of choice, so I believe everyone should have the right to try these shots if that makes them feel safe and protected. However, I do not think most people are informed enough to make that decision. This responsibility should be squarely on the shoulders of their doctors, who should be looking into every aspect of these shots, including the ingredients, the scientific research, the testimony of individuals that did not fare so well. Unfortunately, many doctors are not looking beyond what is being force fed to them, and do not get all the information needed to truly care for their patients. So many have lost their way and do not adhere to the oath they have taken to, “First, do no harm.”

    Children, who by the way are not dying in mass numbers from Covid, should not be part of this experiment. Any medical intervention should not be performed at Walmart, Walgreens, or any other store. This is a very serious choice to make in life and should be in a setting with wise and ethical health professionals.

    The idea that the “science is settled” on so much concerning with Covid is laughable. These vaccines are new technology, not technically vaccines, and heavily profitable by the pharmaceutical industry as well as the “officials” pushing the narrative and related policies.

    Again, everyone should have a choice. It should be an educated choice. Never should any medical procedure or intervention be mandated, not even using the guise of “for the greater good.”

  3. Calvin, I am all admiration for the in-depth, important work that you continue.

    I will do one of the things to be done: send this information on and out into the world.

    Your hard work has made it easier for the rest of us. Thank you!

    This is not a vaccine. Follow the path of the polio vaccine and anyone will understand what a true vaccine is and how it functions. Also, I believe, anyone who has had Covid 19 and recovered has the protection that nature planned in keeping us healthier.

    New world, new propaganda.
    Editor’s note: The writer of this comment got polio in her early childhood. She is in her late 70s.

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