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Cell biologist explains why mandatory Covid vaccines violate scientific & clinical evidence

Plus a crash course on graphene
Sept 1, 2021.

Christina Parks, PhD
(PhD in cell biology & molecular biology from the University of Michigan, School of Medicine)

Calvin Luther Martin, PhD

Calvin Luther Martin, PhD

August 31, 2021

On August 19, 2021, an African-American woman with impeccable science credentials bravely, boldly informed the Michigan state legislature that mandated Covid vaccines would be:

  • anti-scientific
  • anti-clinical
  • segregationist
  • discriminatory
  • racist
  • absurd
  • criminal

Dr. Parks was correct on all counts.

Let me underscore, Dr. Parks testified against not only an egregious abuse of science and clinical medicine; she was also testifying against an outrageous civil rights violation of African-Americans and everyone else who would be segregated and discriminated against for not taking these vaccines.

Ponder this for awhile.

Then ask yourself, where are the cowardly, craven medical school faculty? Why are they not standing with Dr. Parks? Where are the deans of these medical schools? Harvard. Yale. Columbia. Johns Hopkins. Stanford. UCSF. NYU. Cornell. America has scores of medical schools with affiliated schools of public health. Where are their much vaunted faculty? And where are the thousands of PhD molecular biologists, virologists, immunologists, and cell biologists?

I can tell you where they are, because I was once a university professor. Medical school faculty typically have their salaries paid from their research grants. The great majority of these funds come from the NIH, CDC, Big Pharma, and other corporations. In sum, medical school and public health school faculty are financially compromised.

Then realize that for your local physician to speak out would mean almost certainly the loss of their job and loss of their license. Watch the video, below, of Irish physician, Anne McCloskey, MD, who was suspended for posting the video I have re-posted (below).

Dr. Parks: American Heroine

Christina Parks, PhD

PhD in cell biology and molecular biology from the University of Michigan School of Medicine

Rosa Parks: Another American Heroine

In 1955 another African-American woman bearing the same name, Parks, helped light the powder-keg of civil rights when she refused to give up her seat on a city bus in Montgomery, Alabama.

Rosa Parks was of course arrested. Her arrest triggered the Montgomery municipal bus boycott by African-Americans—and the rest is history.

Rosa Parks

Rosa Parks was arrested, again, in February 1956. Arrested and, as you can see, finger-printed. In other words, humiliated and bullied.

This could be me or you getting arrested and finger-printed for refusing a Covid vaccine. Think about this.

Dr. Christina Parks’s testimony before the Michigan legislature earlier this month is a Martin Luther King moment in American history. A Thomas Paine moment in American history. Except, more truthfully, it’s a Rosa Parks and, most truthfully of all, a Dr. Christina Parks moment in American history.

Allow me to put the matter bluntly. Dr. Christina Parks is trying to save your raggedy ass and mine, and she’s using solid science and clinical medicine to do so.

You know as well as I do that she has been mercilessly battered by Facebook, Twitter, and Web trolls. No doubt there have been death threats.

Ladies and gentlemen, you are standing in the presence of a true American heroine. May we all rise and cheer Dr. Christina Parks!

Here is the document Dr. Parks gave to the Michigan legislature
Dr. Anne McCloskey, Irish Heroine

Dr. McCloskey is another heroine. She lost her job and medical license for medical malpractice.

And what, you ask, did that malpractice consist of? It was this video. Within days of her posting it, she was shit-canned by the Irish health bureaucracy.

Sign this petition to get this courageous, principled physician reinstated.

Response to Dee

Comment from Dee:

Oh my! It’s way worse than I imagined. What you describe is the hacking of our humanity.

I do not like the sound of that.

Editor's response:

Dee, I’m replying to you in this manner—as an addendum to the posting—because I need to show you (and others) what’s in store for us with this so-called bio-engineering. Specifically, bio-engineering using graphene.

The above image is from an article published in 2020 in the science journal, Nano Today.[1]V. Palmieri and M. Papi, “Can Graphene Take Part in the Fight against Covid-19,” Nano Today, May 7, 2020, vol. 33, no. 100883. It shows graphene wafers (sheets) that can be easily embedded in clothing as “flexible impedance biosensors” (I’m quoting from the caption). In other words, impregnated in textiles as nano-sized information transmitters. (Nano is a size measurement. Nano-sized substances are the size of molecules.)

Continuing to quote from the caption, these biosensors are “interfaced with flexible electronics,” that is, cellphones coupled with 5G microwave transmitters, to “report the location of [Covid] positives and identify sources of the [Covid] outbreak.”

The notation, GO, in the diagram legend refers to Graphene Oxide, which is simply oxidized graphene.

Let me emphasize: these graphene transmitters (shown to the left of the map) are impregnated into clothing, not into your skin. However, bio-engineers are currently working on a means of implanting comparable graphene receivers and transmitters under your skin—yes, as a nano-chip.

The image, below, shows a graphene sheet with some of the cargo (payload) that can be attached.[2]Amit Kumar et al., “Role of Graphene in Biosensor and Protective Textile against Viruses,” Medical Hypotheses, 2020, vol. 144, no. 110253. Notice: graphene is simply a carrier, a transporter, like a truck hauling freight. (Mouse-over the truck, to the right, to zoom in on details.) Some of the freight can be nucleic acids, that is, RNA and DNA. The purpose of the RNA and DNA is to commandeer (hijack, hack, re-program) the cell’s protein-manufacturing process—to make proteins and enzymes coded by fake (zombie) RNA and fake (zombie) DNA.

(I need to write a full-blown article on this shit. For now, this will suffice.)

Graphene sheet. Graphene is a single-atom thick sheet of carbon atoms bound together in a hexagonal pattern.
Graphene sheet with M&Ms attached. (M&Ms represent the molecular and inorganic cargo stuck to the graphene carrier.)

Here’s another image taken from a science article.[3]Bhargav D. Mansuriya and Zeynep Altintas, “Applications of Graphene Quantum Dots in Biomedical Sensors,” Sensors, Feb 16, 2020, vol. 20, no. 1072. GQDs are Graphene Quantum Dots. Graphene comes in sheets, tubes, and so-called dots or quantum dots.

The pale green, hexagonal, honeycomb-looking structures are graphene sheets, called “nanosheets” in the diagram. 

Notice that the quantum dots are attached to an iron compound (Fe3O4-NH2). This demonstrates a mechanism, on the drawing board in 2020, for becoming magnetized from an injection (vaccine?) with a graphene-based serum, regardless of the injection’s purported purpose. Notice the magnet in the image. (Magnetized? Bullshit? There are just too many people, posting videos and written accounts of this, to dismiss them all as rubbish. Click here and here, for instance.)

Lastly, the dotted-line structure in the lower right corner represents a cell membrane (phospholipid-bilayer), showing the graphene carrier penetrating the cell membrane and entering the cell (cytoplasm).

Here is another schematic diagram, again taken from a science journal, showing a graphene sheet carrier (the yellow, tissue-like rectangle) both inserting cargo and extracting cargo from the cell membrane lipid bilayer.[4]Na Lu et al., “Graphene-Based Nanomaterials in Biosystems,” NanoResearch, 2019, vol. 2, no. 2, p. 256.

Another diagram showing how graphene can position itself within the lipid bilayer of a cell. (The graphene sheet is shown as a brown structure–it looks like a waffle–in figure A.) Figure B shows graphene making pores (access ports or holes) in cell membranes.

Like the images shown, above, this too was taken from a science journal article on graphene bio-engineering.[5]Mattia Bramini et al., “Interfacing Graphene-Based Materials with Neural Cells,” Frontiers in Systems: Neuroscience, April 2018, vol. 12, article 12.

10 thoughts on “Cell biologist explains why mandatory Covid vaccines violate scientific & clinical evidence”

  1. Thank you for your work and for this information.

    As a Canadian, it breaks my heart that we are constantly bombarded by the “safe and effective” message regarding the so-called vaccination.

    I feel immense gratitude to all the doctors and researchers who have come forward with their concerns/information about the physical makeup of these alleged vaccines. This ongoing info has strengthened my desire to not get the “shot.”


  2. Among the Rights of Patient’s receiving medications is “Right to Choose to Refuse.” COERCION is NOT CONSENT!

    COERCION is when you first inject the fear of a horrible premature death in isolation from the Sino-virus, and then you easily inject any “scarce,” “antidotal vaccine” that you like, or that is immensely profitable.

    COERCION is the RAPE of the MIND and SPIRIT!

  3. Our bodies become the latest version of cellphone G-5 (hand-held computers), doing the work of whoever operates the device now or in the future as they play with the “product design” of what they have placed inside human bodies (not this one!).

    Martin, can you comment on the future of MRI’s in light of the presence of graphene oxide inside the human body? I hear some nasty stories.

    Thank you for your efforts.


    Editor’s reply: The screenshot, above, was taken from Kristina E. Kitko and Qi Zhang, “Graphene-Based Nanomaterials: From Production to Integration with Modern Tools in Neuroscience,” Frontiers in Systems: Neuroscience, July 2019, vol. 13, article 26, p. 6.

    In the text: Gr = Reduced Graphene, meaning that it has had hydrogen atoms attached. GO = Oxidized Graphene, meaning that it has had oxygen atoms attached. Gr has an overall positive charge; GO has an overall negative charge. Murine models = mice. Notice the addition of Fe3O4.

    You can decide whether or not you want to trust these people.

  4. “For many years I taught a course titled “Disease in History” at Rutgers, and I used to lecture on the physiology of Native American drinking at medical schools.”

    For heaven’s sake, why were Native Americans drinking at medical schools? ( 😉 – and people still wonder why the study of Latin is a good thing….)

    Editor’s reply: LOL!  Now why didn’t I catch that gaffe? (This is why I have an editor, a real one, for my books.) “I used to lecture at medical schools on the physiology of Native American drinking.” Thanks for correcting me.  By the way, the issue is not Latin; it’s simple English grammar. Latin would be no help with this. (Should I mention that I had 4 years of advanced Latin in high school? Best courses I ever took in high school!)

  5. I bet these women do not think of themselves as heroes, but I surely do.

    Thank you, Calvin, for sharing this with us.

  6. mRNA Glock .45 to your cells

    The federal govt. is allowing your DNA to be hijacked
    by the mRNA vaccine. This is the beginning of the end
    for natural DNA—the DNA God gave us. Human DNA
    is now, for all practical purposes, obsolete. Irrelevant.
    With mRNA, carried via either lipid nanoparticles or
    graphene nanoparticles, the role of your God-given
    DNA is bypassed. This is the beginning of the
    Nano-Nuclear Age.

    Thank you Doctor Martin! I agree 100% with Doctor Parks! Excellent video!

    After thirty years of working for the federal government, I also agree 100% with the distrust that she mentions in the video!

    At what point does the majority of the population quit judging and blaming everyone else!
    Editor’s reply: Maybe when more people grasp what has happened with so-called bio-engineering, which, by the way, has been going on since the 1980s.

    Think of mRNA vaccines as a cellular Manhattan Project. In the 1940s, the key to creating nuclear power was enriched uranium. With lipid and graphene nano-particles we entered a new atomic era, this one cellular. We have entered the brave new world of bypassing DNA and programming cells, tissues, organs, and eventually the entire human body with zombie RNA.

    Deploying fake mRNA is like someone putting a Glock .45 to your head and telling you to do what he says. Fake mRNA hijacks Mother Nature’s chain-of-command, from DNA to RNA to the cell’s protein assembly-line apparatus.

    I know this sounds preposterous, like science fiction. Unfortunately, it’s not.

      When I talk about genetic modification to peoples bodies, I have been told I am crazy. I have read the papers and the info is there in black and white for anyone to read.

      I am sad that nothing will ever be the same. Things did not have to happen like this.

      I am sick of bad people running the world.

      Make it stop.
      Editor’s reply: My dear, I wish I could make it stop.

      You’re not crazy. These people have their head in the ground. Can anyone blame them? I wish I had mine in the ground; I wish I didn’t know all this stuff. I would like nothing better than to be blissfully ignorant of bio-engineering at the nano-particle level. 

      You are absolutely right, this is genetic modification of our bodies. The mRNA Covid vaccines are precisely this. Name-calling (“Dee, you’re crazy!”) doesn’t erase the facts of the matter. 

      Here’s what’s going on. Bio-engineering is banking its future not on lipid blobs with mRNA inside; the future lies with graphene, a single-atom-thick sheet of carbon atoms. See the diagram, below.

      Graphene is merely a carrier. Molecular biologists can attach any amount of molecular and atomic cargo to these carbon sheets. (They can be sheets or tubes or tiny graphene dots, called quantum dots.) The genius of graphene is that it can readily slide between the lipid bi-layer of cell membranes. (Note: Cell membranes were designed by God or Mother Earth to keep shit like this out. Graphene breaches this protective layer. This is Alarm Bell #1.)

      Not only can graphene sheets and tubes and dots breach the cell membrane; they can carry their cargo with it, right into the cell cytoplasm–the internal “soup” of the cell where all the vital organelles are housed. Stuff like the mitochondria and nucleus and a host of other sensitive intra-cellular equipment whose purpose is to make stable, functional proteins to enable our bodies to work properly. (See this illustration of a graphene sheet loaded up with cargo, which I’m showing by different colored M&Ms.)

      If the graphene luggage (cargo) includes RNA, this lab-manufactured, fake, zombie RNA can hijack the protein-manufacturing machinery and instruct it to manufacture whatever proteins the guys in the white lab coats tell it to make. (Think of a gunman breaking into a cheesecake factory. At the point of a loaded gun, he instructs the factory management to make Ford trucks or whatever. The gunman does this by re-programming all the computers in the factory to make whatever the gunman programs them to make.)

      The image, below, is taken from a science article published by a group of these guys in the white lab coats. It illustrates the biological and non-biological structures that can be loaded onto the graphene carrier, to be inserted, stealthily, through the cell membrane into the command-and-control center of your cells (the cytoplasm). Meanwhile, the nucleus, which houses the Great Code of humanity in the form of DNA, has been bypassed. Now the proteins and enzymes made by your cells will be under the direction of scientists in pharmacological and other bio-engineering laboratories around the world.

      I apologize for the grainy screenshot. Study it for awhile. Notice that scientists can attach cells and microorganisms (bacteria & viruses), nucleic acids (DNA and RNA fragments made in labs), and something called “transducers.” Transducers are nano-sized receivers, made from a combination of organic and inorganic elements and proteins, to allow someone to beam a program, a message, a text, as it were, into your tissues. This last feature of graphene is still in its infancy, yet this is where things are headed.

      Does all this sound outrageous? Yep, it is. Far-fetched? Nope. This is what’s happening already with the mRNA vaccines. And that fool, Dr. Robert Malone, had a hand in creating this nano-monster. Instead of celebrating him as a hero, he needs to be brought before a people’s court.

      1. Oh my! It’s way worse than I imagined. What you describe is the hacking of our humanity.
        I do not like the sound of that.
        Editor’s reply: You got it: “the hacking of our humanity”!

        Dee, I am responding to you at the bottom of the posting, above, so I can show you full-size, high definition images of what I’m talking about. Scroll up this page till you get to a section titled, “Response to Dee.” There you are! You got an article all to yourself!

        1. Thanks for your hard work on this.

          I have a vision of myself as an unvaccinated human. If Big Evil wins, I become an endangered species.
          Editor’s reply: This is all so heartbreaking. Sad beyond words. As a historian, I find this unbearable. Personally unbearable, I mean. I now spend as much time as I can in wilderness. Adirondack wilderness. In my canoe. With loons kingfishers beaver otter muskrat the wind and marshes. 

          When I was a graduate student in immunology in the early 1980s, I was completely unaware of all this happening. I feel I wasted years being a university professor teaching esoteric stuff, while Soros, Gates, Fauci, Wall St bankers, Schwab, Big Pharma and Big Business were stealing the farm. (See Dylan Thomas’s poem, “Fern Hill.”)

          I taught the origin of agriculture, including animal “domestication.” I should have realized that the Masters of the Universe (named, above) would do the same to fellow humans–genetically, I mean. I should have realized it all began with a twisted narrative aimed at mind control and spirit control, where we all bend the knee to the cult of so-called science. The field of medicine caved in, years ago, during my lifetime. Academia caved in at some point. (I had a philosophy colleague at Rutgers who wrote a book titled, “The Moral Collapse of the University.”)

          Ironically, it was all happening in my village (Malone NY), beginning in the early 1970s with the “off-shoring” of our notable manufactures. I didn’t live here then. When I arrived in the late 1990s, I could see the full disaster: a once-thriving town and village economically gutted by “free trade.” A gigantic swindle.

          Forgive me for lamenting. I weep.

  7. Photo from the infamous “Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment”
    Click here

    Thank you Dr Martin for telling the world about these two very courageous doctors. I consider the testimony of Dr Parks to be of the utmost clarity and importance. She points out what we sometimes forget, that the vaccine mandates and passports are DISCRIMINATORY. RACIST. On top of the fact that they engage in false “science.”

    There is ample history on why persons of color have vaccine hesitancy.

    So now they are again to be penalized for exercising common sense and medical carefulness for their persons and health.

    What a cogent testimony, Dr Parks.

    Thank you.

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