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Autopsy Protocol

Covid Vaccine-Caused Death

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Picture of Calvin Luther Martin, PhD

Calvin Luther Martin, PhD

October 16, 2021

People who have lost a loved one to the vaccine have asked if I can suggest a vaccine-specific protocol for an autopsy.

Yes, I can. I have drawn up a downloadable list, below, to give to a private pathologist, with tests designed to identify vaccine-caused tissue damage. All these tests will make sense to a pathologist or medical examiner.

I dedicate this protocol to the countless numbers of people, worldwide, who have died from the vaccine, and to the even greater millions who have been grievously harmed by it.

It occurs to me that the Vaccine Great Lie and Cover-Up has succeeded  because there are inexplicably few appropriate pathology studies being done on the vaccine-deceased. This document aims to correct this.

And yet, it’s not inexplicable. We all know it’s because cover-up and denial is the narrative du jour for hospitals, the CDC, NIH (National Institutes of Health), and 99% of physicians. Plus, of course, the new, self-styled Masters of the Universe: the Great Reset gang.

When physicians deny causality between the vaccine and death or illness, they are committing the most heinous form of medical malpractice—to protect their professional and financial backsides. Trust me, these docs know better. If I know this, they know it. “And Judas went and hanged himself” (Matthew 27:5, paraphrased).

Klaus Schwab, master-mind of the Great Reset
The biblical Judas Iscariot, who it is said betrayed Jesus for 30 pieces of silver. Realizing the enormity of the horror he had committed, we are told he hung himself.
Autopsy protocol for Covid vaccine-caused death

3 thoughts on “Autopsy Protocol for Covid Vaccine-Caused Death”

  1. Thoreau: “Disobey”

    I am still trying to wrap my head around vaccine mandates. How can something deadly be mandated? The data on these Covid 19 injections is clear and available for anyone to see.

    Biden has rubbed me raw with his threats and marginalisation of people refusing to take a jab for the team. It’s like pointing a loaded gun to our heads. I fear it will get much worse if we do not wake up in time to save ourselves.

    Non-compliance is our civic duty. Hold the line. We will be the only control group left alive.

    1. As an employee of DODEA, I had a choice to make: get the “jabs” or lose my job. I was really lucky to get this job; I have a family to feed and, while my wife works half-time (doing the household and handling our children–she’s working herself to death), we very much depend on my income.

      Choice? A cynic might say I had a choice–to refuse and lose my job (and the house, which is riding on my pay) or get vaccinated, and pray nothing happens to me until my debts are paid.

      I hope there will be a reckoning, and I hope I’ll live to see it.

      Editor’s response: I read this and I want to weep! For you, your children, your wife. Let me hug you, my friend!

  2. Alfons berrevoets

    Onnoemelijke dankbaarheid voor wat u doet voor de mensheid in gevecht tegen de duivelse machten.(English translation: “Profound gratitude for what you do for mankind in the battle against demonic powers.”)
    Editor’s response: Dank u, meneer! Je hebt mijn dag goed gemaakt! (English translation: “Thank you, sir! You just made my day!”)

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