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Are Covid protocols and mandates following the science?

Anthony Fauci, MD

Picture of Calvin Luther Martin, PhD*

Calvin Luther Martin, PhD*

June 25, 2021

I have several years of graduate training in immunology/molecular biology. In the 1980s, I was enrolled in the PhD program in immunology at the Waksman Institute of Microbiology at Rutgers University. I didn’t complete the PhD in immunology because it interfered too much with my being, simultaneously, a professor of history at Rutgers.  (My PhD is in history with a subfield in anthropology from the University of California.)

Or is what passes for “science” more truthfully a dangerous exercise in political science? That is, is it more truthfully “politics” at this point? Perhaps something Machiavellian?

For many people, this is a tough question to answer. Watch this video. It’s pretty good. It may help you decide on the answer.

If you decide it’s politics, that’s the end of the story. At least it is in my opinion; for you and I are not going to do a thing about it.

3 thoughts on “Are Covid protocols and mandates following the science?”

  1. My favorite clip from the video: “A mask is not a political statement, but it is a good way of pulling the country together” (Joe Biden).

    That’s 100% a political statement. Double-speak at its finest.

  2. When “14 days to slow the spread” turns to 14 months; when small businesses are shut down but big box stores continue to operate with full PSYOP mandates in place to maximize the fear; when the “essential medicines” via WHO like HCQ are suddenly vilified as “deadly” even as frontline doctors are saving lives with them, and when these compassionate professionals are censored and threatened with medical license revocation: Is there any doubt it’s political?

    Yes. Without fearless leaders to rally behind, I agree: we will do nothing. We will complain, we will try in vain to convince loved ones and neighbors who might have “ears to hear,” but short of an army of Marjorie Taylor Greens to march in step behind, we will simply “go along to get along” en masse.

    Short of that “epic Hollywood production” showing how “they” have worked their Oz-level tremblings upon us for centuries to enslave the populations they aim to cull, and just who the “they” is, we are doomed to whistle our way into The Great Reset where “you will own nothing and you will be happy.”

    Yet herein lies hope: it takes one Moses. One Luther. One Edwards. One M. L. King.

    Until then, the best of us weaklings will apply civil disobedience, reason with friends and family, bombard the paper dragons in power with our objections, vote consistently with our wallets, and pray without ceasing to God who is mighty to save.

    “LORD, may I be among these! Amen.”

    Bring on the Great Awakening!

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