On the issues that matter in Malone NY (USA)

97 Cops v. Steak Sandwich Shop

Toronto, Canada (Nov 27, 2020)

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We shall BBQ on the seas & oceans, we shall BBQ in the air, we shall defend our BBQ whatever the cost may be, we shall BBQ on the beaches, we shall BBQ on the landing grounds, we shall BBQ in the fields & streets, we shall BBQ in the hills, we shall never surrender.

This just came in.  Buffalo NY business owner.

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6 thoughts on “97 Cops v. Steak Sandwich Shop”

  1. Thomas (Tom) Potter

    It’s beginning to appear that this pandemic is God’s/Nature’s effort to rid society of the slow, stupid and willfully ignorant. Pity it is also removing the talented, contributing and worthy as well.

    Just saying, from Appalachia Tennessee.

  2. When the people (sheep) realize these lockdowns have nothing to do with science or the Chinese Corona virus, I pray at least half of them stand up and say “no more.”

    How much liberty are you willing to give up under the guise of safety and security? The mask represents not only a political divide, but a cultural one. The Coastal Urban Elites, the Media and Big Tech. vs the rest of America. (The silent majority.)

    Our founding fathers warned us about giving up freedom in exchange for security, for a reason.

    Remember only a few months ago when Biden said, while speaking about his up-coming attempt at a national mask mandate, “It’s not about your rights; its about your responsibilities.” Where was the media?

    Wake up comrades! It is about your rights and nothing else. Communist and Socialist governments preach about your responsibility to government, leaders of free Capitalistic Republics don’t.

  3. Thank you, Calvin Martin!

    These stories about lockdown hell are so important to share. How many small businesses are bankrupt? Held on through the first illegal lockdown, only to face down the barrel of another.

    I think this brave man in Toronto serves as an example/stimulus for other courageous acts. Thank you for showcasing this egregious and wasteful crush of freedom.

    They can’t shut us all down. And soon we will take back ALL our rights, so hard won.

  4. Absolutely ridiculous! Currently in the State of Florida, restaurants, gyms, churches, and schools are open. Beaches and shopping centers are open for business.

    Before the end of 2020, over 600,000 Americans will have died from cancer this year. Let’s bring some common sense and perspective to the table!
    Editor’s note: Judge Gardner was a municipal judge in Malone for 4 years. Before this, he was a lieutenant in the NYS Dept. of Corrections. I recommend reading his best-seller, “Dannemora: Two Escaped Killers, Three Weeks of Terror, and the Largest Manhunt Ever in New York State,” about another government fiasco, this one created by Gov. Cuomo.


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