— Calvin Luther Martin, PhD

Notice the collar  Four stars.  It means he’s the sheriff.  In charge of this:

» 60 Corrections Officers
» 8 Deputy Sheriffs
» Clerical staff
» 1 full-time Substance Abuse Counselor (provided free by St. Joe’s)
» 2 full-time (I believe) Mental Health Counselors (contracted with Citizen Advocates)
» 1 Nurse Practitioner (I believe)
» 85 staff in all
» 127 beds for inmates
» separate accommodations for 20 to 35 female inmates (Sheriff Mulverhill instituted this)
» $6 million annual budget, where it costs $78/day to house an inmate:  1 inmate 1 year = $28,500, 127 inmates 1 day = ~ $10,000, 127 inmates 1 year = ~ $3.6 million

Controlling crime in Franklin County ain’t cheap.  Six million just for the jail!  Then add the cost of state police, village police (several villages), Homeland Security, judges, attorneys, support staff, probation staff, buildings, blah blah blah — yikes!

Kevin Mulverhill oversees a big slice of the county crime financial pie.  He’s been doing it for the past 8 years.  He’s asking us to elect him for another 4.  Let’s take a close look at the issues, in no particular order of significance.

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