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New School Blues

—Op-Ed by Calvin Luther Martin Amish community building (photographer unknown) The New School Blues.  I’ve got ’em bad.  The “new school” being my shorthand for the Malone School District’s two-phase school renovation & construction project.  Whose advertising blitz in the Telegram is surpassed only by the daily series of approving articles by Connie Jenkins, the …

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Old Salt

 —Calvin Luther Martin   Watercolor (artist unknown) First, click here to listen to this tape-recorded message.  I took it off my telephone answering machine a little over a week ago.

Beyond the Bailout State

Roosevelt’s Brain Trust vs Obama’s Brainiacs —Steve Fraser Historian Steven Fraser compares our present economic crisis to the Great Depression.  Along the way he discusses President-elect Obama’s options with those available to FDR.  Fraser’s essay is worthwhile reading for us in the North Country as we contemplate our future, both near-term and long-term, and as we …

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Beggars Banquet

—Op-Ed by Timothy Egan, NY Times 11/19/08 RCM is reprinting, with appreciation, this NY Times editorial by Timothy Egan.  (To read it in the Times, click here.)  North Country towns, Malone School Board:  There is a lesson to be learned from Vallejo, California.  (Note:  The cartoon, below, did not appear with the editorial; it was added by RCM.)  …

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Johnson wins big!

Albert Johnson has definitively won the contest for Burke town supervisor.  Election commissioners counted absentee ballots a short while ago, with Mr. Johnson and Mr. Otis in attendance. Final tally:  Johnson 291, Otis 249. RiverCity congratulates Albert on running a fine campaign and getting out the vote.  (Remember, he ran as a registered Republican on the …

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Feds release Noble production figures

—Calvin Luther Martin Visit the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) website, where you can see all the power production figures for NYS, quarter by quarter throughout the calendar year.  This includes output from coal-fired plants, nuclear, hydro, wind, and solar.  The works.  Any electricity sold to the NYS Independent System Operator (“the grid”) shows up on …

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Is Noble flipping ownership?

—Op-Ed by Calvin Luther Martin “Smells Fishy,” by Nate Owens On October 24, 2008, Noble Environmental (there being many versions or layers of Noble, it turns out) applied to the NYS Public Service Commission for permission to do the following:

Terrestrial Energy?

—William Tucker The following text and images are all taken from a weblog by William Tucker, author of Terrestrial Energy: How Nuclear Energy Will Lead the Green Revolution and End America’s Energy Odyssey.  Tucker is a seasoned journalist.  He has done us all a great service by demythologizing nuclear power.  Tucker thinks it’s time to retire …

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The return of Don Quixote

—Op-Ed by Michael Fournier Panic has set in among wind scammers and other environmental terrorists over reports that an intrepid knight has been seen battling wind turbines throughout the wind-farm wastelands of Ellenburg, Churubusco, and Chateaugay.

Albert Johnson: Next Supervisor?

—Carol Thompson, Chateaugay Albert Johnson (Photo courtesy of Carol Thompson) Forget Barack Obama and John McCain.  Next door Albert Johnson and Jim Otis are battling for Burke Town Supervisor.  It’s a hot contest.  Signs, newspaper ads, flyers, door-to-door, speeches–and bitterness.

Endless War

—Op-Ed by Martin Murie, WWII Tenth Mountain Division “Endless war” (Photographer unknown) We, the ordinary citizens of the United States, the ones who fight the wars and commit atrocities under the relentless pressure of combat, and die and go home wounded without adequate care–we are not only in a severe economic slowdown, but in a …

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“Wind power statistics often wrong”

—Op-Ed by Jack Sullivan The following was published in the Press Republican 9-7-08.  Jack Sulllivan subsequently submitted it to RCM for publication.  The Editor. Mr. Colin Read claims in an August 12th Press Republican “Opinion” column that the 217 wind turbines scheduled for Franklin and Clinton counties would produce enough “permanent and sustainable electric power for …

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“Leaders must be beyond reproach”

Government officials must work to avoid wind-power conflicts —Editorial, Utica Observer-Dispatch, 9-8-08 Adapted from a cartoon by Windtoons.com The following article appeared in the Utica Observer-Dispatch 9-8-08 as an unsigned editorial. RiverCityMalone thinks it’s worth reading.  The lampoon, above, was added by RCM.  The Editor. Nothing damages the public’s trust in government more than the possibility …

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Dear Zukie

Detail from Michelangelo’s “Creation of Adam,” Sistine Chapel, The Vacitan Zufer Cecunjanin Franklin County Jail Malone, NY Dear Zukie, The parking lot is empty, save for the Mercedes gathering dust.  The building is dark, as if abandoned.  Nothing stirs.  Sorrow, like fog, silently engulfs the place.

“Wind energy bumps into power grid’s limits”

—Matthew L. Wald, New York Times “Barn & wind” (Rock Port, Missouri, photo ©Back Stage) The following article appeared in the NY Times 8-26-08, written by Matthew L. Wald. RiverCityMalone thinks it’s worth reading.  The Editor. When the builders of the Maple Ridge Wind farm spent $320 million to put nearly 200 wind turbines in upstate …

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“In rural New York, windmills can bring whiff of corruption”

—Nicholas Confessore, New York Times Kathy LaClair, Churubusco, NY (Photo ©Christinne Muschi for the NY Times) The following article appeared in the NY Times 8-17-08, written by Nicholas Confessore. RiverCityMalone thinks it’s worth reading.  The Editor. BURKE, N.Y.–Everywhere that Janet and Ken Tacy looked, the wind companies had been there first. Dozens of people in …

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“Windmills split town and families”

—Helen O’Neill, Associated Press John Yancey, Tug Hill (Photo ©AP, Heather Ainsworth) The following article describes the impact of the wind plant on the people of the Tug Hill plateau (Lowville, NY).  It appeared in Yahoo News, 8-16-08, by Helen O’Neill of the Associated Press.  RiverCityMalone thinks it’s worth reading.  The Editor. “Listen,” John Yancey …

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“Corruption allegations swirl around push for wind power”

 —Joseph Spector, Rochester Democrat & Chronicle RiverCityMalone supports this kind of YIMBY (“Yes in my backyard”) (Drawing ©Windtoons.com) The following article appeared in the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle 7-28-08, written by Joseph Spector.  RiverCityMalone thinks it’s worth reading.  The Editor. At first there were sporadic complaints last year to the office of Franklin County District …

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Attorney General Cuomo subpoenas Noble Environmental

 —Op-Ed by Calvin Luther Martin Sometime yesterday (7-15-08), NYS Attorney General Andrew Cuomo issued a stunning press release, “Attorney General Cuomo Launches Investigation into Wind Power Companies’ Conduct across Upstate New York.” Noble Environmental Power is one of them.  (The other, UPC Wind, operates downstate.)  The investigation is based on months of research by the  …

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Malone Raceway?

The Race Track.  It’s called the Malone International Raceway and Entertainment Park.  (MIREP, for short.)  Owned by former state police BCI officer John “Chick” Fountain.  Located next to the Market Barn and Bokie’s Drive-In.  Technically it’s in the Town of Malone, although literally it’s on the doorstep of the Village of Malone.  The racetrack was approved …

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