— Calvin Luther Martin, PhD

Mike Maneely

One reason I support Mike for village trustee is his uncompromising support of our police department.  It never ceases to amaze me how people living outside the village express the (stupid) opinion that Malone doesn’t need its cops.  Nitwits who say this obviously don’t have to deal with the craziness that I and my neighbors deal with.

Sit down sometime with Chief Chris Premo and ask him about drug dealers and drug users in the village and surrounding area.  Then sit down with the two local magistrates and ask them about crime in the village and surrounding municipalities.  That is, municipalities where our judges are called for arraignments when the local magistrate isn’t available.  You will get an earful in each case.

Are you aware that there are now drug gangs in Massena?  Drive-by shootings in Massena?  I’m told this by a law enforcement official.  What’s keeping this from happening in the Village of Malone?  Answer:  The Village Police Dept.

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