— Calvin Luther Martin, PhD

Richard Matt.  Dead.  Three slugs to the head.  High velocity, trans-cranial lead therapy.  (A pity it never occurred to the man to perform this procedure on himself.  Like, maybe at age 15, if newspaper accounts of his youth are accurate.  The man is reported to have had a high IQ.  Though evidently not smart enough to look in the mirror and whisper, “I am a monster!”)

David Sweat.  Captured.  Two to the torso.  As worthless as his pal, Matt.

Two individuals who, in the course of their lives, transformed themselves into nothing more than a mass of protoplasm shaped like human beings.  It required 3 slugs to Matt and 2 to Sweat to put an end to their illusions — in Matt’s case, for eternity.

Gov. Cuomo says the nightmare is over.  Yet, at a deep level, it isn’t.

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